Companies to build communities through football

The Blue Colibri App team, as the developer of the first Hungarian internal corporate communication platform and employee platform, is dedicated to providing employers with as many tools as possible to help them become more engaging and caring companies. In response to market demand, the startup, which is pioneering solutions in HR technology, has now developed a workplace community game for the football world championship, which tens of thousands of employees can now use during the series of sporting events.

The game is easy to follow: colleagues who guess the result of a match correctly automatically get three points, while those who guess the outcome correctly but not the goal difference get one point. And if you get both the result and the goal difference right, the system credits you with two points. You can always bet until the match starts, and then cheer on your favorites with your coworkers or family. After the matches, the system displays the current points and the participants can see where they stand in the company rankings.

Would you like your company to participate in the free betting game? All you have to do is register using the form below and we'll send you all the information about the game.