Digitize Your Small and Medium-sized Business With a Significant Financial Contribution Under the PNRR (Planul Național De Redresare Și Reziliență) Program

Planul Național de Redresare și Reziliență (PNRR) is an economic and social development plan that Romania is implementing between 2021 and 2026 with the support of the European Union. With the support of 29.2 billion EUR from the EU, the program seeks to enhance the economy's sustainability and modernity, while also promoting social equality and environmental sustainability.

One of the key areas of the development plan is the digital transformation of SMEs, including the development of digital infrastructure, the expansion of digital services and solutions, and the development of people's digital skills.

In this context, particular attention will be given to businesses that use digital technologies to make their business processes more efficient, thereby significantly increasing their competitiveness. The PNRR program will also help SMEs to access the funding they need to implement digital solutions, depending on their size:

  • Micro enterprises (less than 9 employees) €20,000 - €30,000
  • Small businesses (10-49 employees) €20,000 - €50,000
  • Medium-sized enterprises (50-249 employees) 20,000€ - 100,000€ 

The economic situation in recent years has brought uncertainty and volatility to the lives of companies, the effects of which are being felt even by those who have previously been stable in the market with their traditional business models.

In this situation, the introduction of digital technologies and solutions can be of paramount importance. These solutions can increase efficiency, productivity and reduce costs, thereby making companies more competitive.

In KPMG's Global Tech Report 2022, nearly all technology leaders reported that over the past two years digital advances have helped drive performance and profitability. Almost all respondents mentioned that their organization's digital transformation had improved effectiveness and performance over the past two years: nearly 60% of respondents report an increase of more than 5% as a result.

But what processes can the Blue Colibri App help you digitize?

Our platform can be a solution for you if:

  • 👉 You are still communicating through posters, emails and verbal channels.
  • 👉 You integrate new employees into your company community through an onboarding process that requires personal presence.
  • 👉 Non-desk employees have not yet been effectively engaged in internal communications.
  • 👉 You would move your training courses, mandatory training materials (e.g. occupational health and safety) to an easy-to-use e-learning platform that is accessible and retrievable by anyone.
  • 👉 You would still do the various applications, requests, registrations for events on paper, which requires you to go to the HR office in person.
  • 👉 There is a high turnover and it would be good to have some way to bring together employees from different sites, shops, and to build closer working communities.
  • 👉 The management of information on schedules and shifts and the sending of notifications regarding these could use some modernization and standardization.

The Blue Colibri App is a digital solution for the challenges of internal communication, training (e-learning, onboarding), HR administration and employee engagement that small and large companies face every day. We currently partner with over 100 companies across 12 industries and more than 5 countries.

Our solution enables our partners to use one simple, streamlined platform instead of multiple software to create more efficient processes and increase employee engagement. One of the biggest advantages of our platform is that it does not require a corporate email account, making it easily accessible to non-desk employees on desktop or mobile apps.

Our versatile and secure employee app is compliant with the European Union's GDPR regulations. The app is conveniently accessible from a variety of devices and platforms, including desktop, iOS, Android and even the intranet, significantly increasing the reach of internal messages and information to employees.

The Blue Colibri employee platform is built on four main pillars, designed to complement each other perfectly and cover all important areas of internal company life. It's okay if you don't need all the features: with our flexible pricing packages, you're sure to find the customizable plan that best supports your goals.

1. Reach everyone, everywhere

You've got the info. You have the right words. But without the ability to reach everyone, all your strategy and hard work goes to waste. With Blue Colibri App, no announcement is left unread.

2. Ditch the classroom with digital onboarding and training

Save time and energy with Blue Colibri's e-learning solutions. Train and onboard your colleagues following the latest bite-sized learning trends and get immediate statistics on their performance.

3. Keep your workforce engaged

A new level of employee engagement is possible with the Blue Colibri App: receive detailed analytics and brand new digital tools to elevate your engagement strategy.

4. Eliminate the administration chaos

Digitize your administrative processes with Blue Colibri App to make them transparent, faster, and accessible to your entire organization.


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