Employee app: the best way to reach & engage your non-desk coworkers

Reaching and engaging your coworkers without a laptop or e-mail address can often prove to be a challenge. With the right tools, you can make sure all your messages reach every one of your employees while also sparing you a lot of administrative work. From this article, you can find out how digitization and automated processes can help you save time, effort, and money. Learn about our employee app and the best ways to use it to make your life easier and your coworkers more engaged!

Time to move on from posters and intranets

Making sure your company messages, urgent information, key documents, and carefully crafted content actually reach all your coworkers is no task for the faint of heart. Especially when some - or even most - of your employees don’t have their own corporate e-mail addresses and laptops due to the nature of their position. They might be working at various locations in one of your many stores, facilities, warehouses, or factories. They might be on the road all day, working diligently as truck drivers or as couriers of your logistics and delivery business. They might even be on maternity leave - or new hires still in the onboarding phase. According to Gallup

a whopping 74% of employees feel that they’re missing out on company information and news. 

So how do you make sure your latest updates reach all your coworkers?

When we talked to HR and communications professionals from our partner companies like Alpine Electronics Manufacturing of Europe Ltd., Wellis Hungary Ltd., or Trans-Sped Kft., the general answer to this question was more or less the same, regardless of the industry: the most common methods include using posters, information screens, intranets, relying on word of mouth, and - most of all - hoping for the best.

However, according to a survey conducted by Prescient Digital Media, only 13% of employees report using their intranets on a daily basis, while 31% have admittedly never used them (here’s 4 reasons why we should let go of intranets anyway). On the other hand, according to Trade Press Services, 85% of employees said they’re most motivated when they are provided with regular company news updates. 

Information at the workplace is in high demand - but the tools used to spread them are in desperate need of a makeover. 

The benefits of communication and HR digitization

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of digitization has reached highs we’ve never seen before in the workplace. New work habits formed with the necessary spread of home office and new technologies are being developed to accommodate the new challenges and circumstances employers and businesses have to face. 

The field of HR is no exception to these changes. One of the key goals of the HR function has always been to keep the organization running in the most well-oiled way possible. And as HR has grown in importance, digital transformation has become even more vital for HR professionals—hence, digital HR was born. 

As HRD Connect puts it,

“Digital HR is a form of process optimization in which social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) technologies are leveraged to make the HR function more efficient, effective, and connected. In other words, it’s a tectonic shift in the way Human Resources functions.”

Digital HR enables HR to:

  • use data and analytics, 
  • futureproof recruiting, 
  • improve the employee experience, 
  • provide self-service tools to employees, 
  • and compete in a mostly candidate-driven job market, among other things.

Many new applications and softwares are available to digitize HR tasks and internal communication alike. In fact, you could probably use a different solution for each and every task - and many companies choose to do so. However, a separate app for communication and chatting, holiday requests, performance management, document storage, and other functions necessary to get things done might even be hurting your productivity.

Employees feel more included when they can easily understand new systems. With so many different apps for different purposes, the digitalization of processes can be frustrating and painful. Not to mention the issue of reaching your colleagues who don’t work with computers and may have trouble using a lot of separate apps: in their cases, it is crucial to find a solution that is easy to access.

Non-desk workers using tablet in warehouse

So how can an employee app help your business? 

The business world has lagged behind the revolution that has occurred in our personal lives. Too many businesses mistakenly believe that "communicating" with employees through an Intranet, email, or info board is sufficient, and end up never reaching most of their non-desk employees, which results in low engagement and a high turnover in the long run. This is where an employee app can save the day. Especially if you can introduce it from the very beginning - for example, during an onboarding or preboarding process (which, by the way, we can help you perfect with this checklist).

An employee app allows employees to receive personalized, relevant, and time-sensitive information from their organization on their mobile devices, wherever they are, simply by accessing an app or through push notifications—so they can stay informed and do their jobs more efficiently.

The advantages of an employee app extend throughout your company:

  • It ensures that everyone is informed instantly.
  • It allows you to communicate with difficult-to-reach non-desk and remote employees.
  • It creates a two-way conversation so that everyone's voice is heard. 
  • You can gather accurate metrics to provide actionable insights.

By using an employee app, you can focus on more clear, smooth two-way communication and building a company culture that your coworkers (and HR professionals) can really thrive in. According to Gallup’s 2017 State of the Global Workplace, 85% of employees are not engaged at work, while IABC says 60% of companies don't have a long-term strategy for their internal communications. A well-rounded app will enable you to create and maintain a brand new internal communication strategy, including more colorful content, engaging activities, and organically formed communities - with data you can actually track and measure. 

Some examples of what you can do with the right platform:

  1. You may promote your overall strategy. According to IBM, 72% of employees do not fully understand their company’s strategy. Using stories to help employees remember your company's mission, vision, and values is a great way to keep your message fresh in their minds. 
  2. Many employees work at their jobs without ever meeting their CEO. Through video messages or sharing photos, you can help employees get a true feel of their organization, and feel more valued and involved. 63% of employees wish they heard from company leadership more - here’s your chance to change that!
  3. A multiplatform app available on phone allows you to send push notifications. This means that your time-sensitive information has a greater chance of actually being seen by your coworkers!
  4. Two-way communication - think comments, surveys, feedbacks and instant messages - allow your employees to share their input, ask for help and suggest developments. Many companies wish to utilize social media for this purpose (which is an excellent tool for external communication), but an internal solution is much more effective and easier to measure.
  5. Giving access to contact details and having a chat function makes internal communication across departments or target group-specific channels much easier, while also aiding your operational communication. With a communities feature your company can explore the benefits of voluntary communication channels besides mandatory ones. Organizations with effective change and communication programs are 3.5 times more likely to outperform their peers, according to ThinkTalent
The app opened new dimensions in business communications! The relationship between workers within our company has become more direct and more colorful. Not only is the information flow more intense, it also works back and forth! - J. H. Ziegler Magyarország Kft.
Colleagues working with multiplatform app

Blue Colibri App digital solutions to the rescue

Founded in 2019,  with 15+ years of experience in HR consulting, Blue Colibri helps large companies with a unique platform solution to tackle their challenges in the field of digital HR. Let it be community building, employee engagement, internal communication, administration, or training, the Blue Colibri App is capable to manage them all.

Blue Colibri is a modern, continuously evolving employee app, made to stay on top of user habits and company needs, combining internal communication tools and digital HR features. The Blue Colibri App - available on phone and desktop as well - keeps your employees informed and simplifies their lives by providing them with all of the HR digital tools they require, from onboarding to day-to-day administration. 

By connecting your entire workforce, you can create a true community. We created a multiplatform that combines many features into a single application that is simple and enjoyable to manage for both admins and desk and non-desk employees.

“What we love the most in the Blue Colibri app is that it is a user-friendly platform improving continuously in sync with us while supporting both the employee experience and our organizational communication goals. For us, it is now not only a platform for strengthening our internal information flow and community building, but it also supports our digitalization aspirations by allowing our employees to manage more and more administrative issues through the app. With Blue Colibri's helpful, professional team, it is a pleasure to work with: together we can find a solution for anything.” - Hunland Group

Our solutions are built on 4 pillars: internal communication, HR admin, education, and engagement to provide you with the most well-rounded application

Ready to take your business to the next level? Learn more about the Blue Colibri App, request a demo with one of our experts!