Here’s how to use social media consciously as a HR manager

Social media: a term that can no longer be avoided on a corporate level - although it is very easy to get lost in the labyrinth of multiple platforms, and a plethora of trends and algorithms that seem to be changing at the speed of light. What is the purpose of a corporate social networking site? How can you create an effective social media strategy tailored to your specific objectives, and how can you use social media consciously? Continue reading for a downloadable ebook that contains the most crucial facts!

How can social media help you?

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter and many more: the social media landscape has become quite broad so it's not necessarily easy for a company to adjust between them, even if you have some experience as a private user about the features of the site. Not to mention the ever-changing general and platform-specific trends.  

Before you get into it, the first and foremost thing is to see why a well-structured social media presence can be helpful for your company. In addition to informing, social media can help you with, among other things:

  • Increasing brand presence 
  • Increasing overall trust in the company
  • More personal online contact 
  • Reaching passive job seekers

The use of social media in some form to increase brand presence is now virtually unavoidable. A 2022 social media trends article by Forbes forecasts that brands and companies showcasing their human sides will continue to stay in style. The reason for this is that users are not only sizing up products in their feed, but also the purpose and mission of a particular company, and how they are aligned to these values. On platforms with a younger user base, companies that represent themselves in a humane, relatable, trend-following and humorous way - that is, taking into account the taste of the target group - can become especially popular.

Employer branding content also works well on social media. As the younger generations enter the job market, it’s worth tailoring the content you are targeting them with to their preferred social platforms, whether it’s the format (such as text vs. video) or current content trends. Similarly, passive job seekers can be more easily reached through social media, where, in addition, contact is much easier and more personal.

Conscious use, effective social media strategy

As you can see, social media can be a very useful tool in your company's hands in a variety of ways. However, it is critical to understand that you will not necessarily require all of the existing platforms and solutions simply to "have them, because others have them as well." Many people fall into this trap and end up wasting their resources and budget just to keep channels running that they don't actually need to achieve their goals.

The first step toward consciously using social media is to develop an effective strategy. With the right social media strategy, you can save valuable time and energy - exactly what unplanned, randomly posted content would rob you of.  To increase your reach, it’s important to communicate with the right post types on the platform that best suits your objectives, while addressing the audience that is most relevant to you. Building, then constantly reviewing and developing the strategy is no easy task, but with enough dedication, you will start to see measurable, positive results.

Good news: for the first step, feel free to put aside those seemingly confusing TikTok trends, Insta algorithm complications, and anything that might make this field sound super complicated in general.

Your first and most important task in developing a strategy is to define your goal.

Do you want to increase your brand awareness, or would you use social to recruit? Do you want a bigger follower base, more engagement, or are you in need of an employer branding campaign?

If the goal is clear, it is much easier to think about your presence in social media at a strategic level. Defining your target audience, analyzing competitors, setting KPIs, and content creation itself will all become smoother, more measurable and efficient processes. However, there is still plenty to consider before you publish your first post on your selected social media platforms.

Tips for conscious social media use: downloadable ebook

To make your use of social media more conscious, and thus your strategy more effective, you should consider several theoretical and practical aspects that you, as a user, may not have encountered yet. Even as a professional social media manager, it is difficult to keep everything in mind and to systematically filter out the most important things to know from the available (and often suspicious) sea of information.

And this is where we can help: we've compiled the most important pieces of information and practical tips to assist you in building and maintaining your own corporate social media strategy in a transparent manner. We'll show you what you should be paying attention to when you first start, what, how, when, and where you should post, and what key metrics you should be measuring and constantly reviewing in order to achieve better long-term results.

Download the ebook and get ahead of your competitors through more conscious use of social media!