What are employees truly curious about?

The Blue Colibri App team surveyed international internal communications services, interviewed business managers, and created focus groups to publish a comprehensive research piece on the topics that teammates are most interested in hearing about and how they like to hear about them.

The survey makes it clear that most employees prefer workplace solutions that provide short but informative communications that provide them with relevant and true content, and give them the option to respond.

More than 50% of respondents would be happy to use a digital solution that would make it possible to use their mobile phones for company communication. Today, smartphones work like mini computers, it’s almost impossible to list all of the functions that they can perform. It’s also the place for company communication!

And what are the main topics and content that are worth sharing with teammates? Some are obvious and some are surprising, but all of them are sure to be a hit the next time an HR or internal communications colleague is looking for a topic!

Most important internal communication topics

#1 Contact list

The first and most important. It’s important to give colleagues an opportunity to reach each other in a direct and easy way that wasn’t previously available.

#2 Memos

Short and pithy announcements and reminders. Remember to target them: They should only reach those colleagues for whom they’re relevant. In addition to this, feedback is extraordinarily important to understand whether the teammates that were supposed to read it actually did.

#3 Preboarding and onboarding

Even before work we can start engaging new hires in the company’s day to day. Retention is critical in the first few months, and it’s especially important to make employees feel like we’re expecting them, and share a few practical tips for example about the dress code, nearby lunch options, or demonstrate approachability.

#4 Company news

Important and relevant company happenings. Don’t wait a week for the company newsletter to be prepared, or over a month while the company newspaper gets printed. Just share the content when you have content to share. These can be pieces about company mission and vision (according to Deloitte’s 2017 Global Human Capital Trends research, most (60%) of employees don’t know the company’s mission), everyday news, or appreciation posts.

#5 Company events

Involving colleagues in event organization ahead of time. One of the most important topics that occupies everyone during the year is who the performer will be at the Christmas event and what the menu will be. Instead of sweating blood and tears guessing the right thing, give your teammates a platform to vote, send their opinions, and co-create an event that makes everyone happy.

#6 Communities

Be it shared sports, hobbies, or other non-work related things that bring employees together. This helps engagement, connects people to a community that helps them live their shared hobbies, and areas of interest, and helps them get to know each other better.