social media for HR managers

Here’s how to use social media consciously as a HR manager

Nowadays it is getting more and more difficult to not get lost in the labyrinth of social media and countless platforms. With a downloadable ebook, we help you find your way around effectively!

Generalized anxiety

Generalized Anxiety: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Generalized anxiety is more than a temporary nervousness before tense situations. Click to learn about its causes, symptoms and treatment!

E-learning course

E-learning: what should you know about online courses?

E-learning is an innovative, digital teaching method that makes employee training more accessible. Here’s everything you should know about it!

Internal communication solutions against workplace stress

4 Tips to Manage Workplace Stress

Workplace stress is a problem affecting many employees. In this article, we give you 4+1 effective and immediately applicable tips for dealing with stress!

Effective onboarding list for your organization

The Ultimate Digital Pre- and Onboarding Checklist

If you want to reduce employee turnover it is essential to have a proper onboarding and preboarding checklist in your company. We prepared one useful for you!

communication trends 2022

Internal Communication trends in 2022

Who, what, when, how, why? Let’s see what old and new trends the year 2022 has brought in internal communication! - We Collected the Most Important Trends

Corporate Holiday program ideas

Creative team-building ideas for the Holidays

If you would like to spice up your corporate Christmas this year make sure to dive in our article where we have collected solutions for you that go beyond the usual ideas.


Signs of exhaustion: how to fight fatigue

The signs of exhaustion are well known to most of us: fatigue of limbs, weakening muscle strength and drowsiness. In our article you will learn what you can do to overcome fatigue.

Summit D&V's case study with Blue Colibri App

Fast digital communication with blue-collar workers

Introducing a modern internal communications app at Summit D&V Kft. When a pandemic breaks out, immediate announcements are critical.

Ziegler case study with Blue Colibri App

Digitizing internal communication as a means of employee motivation‍

How can a modern internal communication platform help engage new teammates and retain current ones?

Volvo case study with Blue Colibri App

Migrating a 20-year-old internal newsletter onto a mobile app

Praktiker Kft has 20 different home improvement locations across the country and 1Budapest headquarters. 1,600 employees work at the company, 1,450 in the warehouses and 150 in the headquarters.

Viktória Fulai-Takács and Tamás Barathi the founders for Blue Colibri App

Closed an investment round of 1.250.000 EUR

As an organizational internal communication and the digitization of employee education and administration, raised 1.250.000 EUR with OXO Technologies Holding Plc.

Employee engagement and remote work

Employee engagement and remote work - staying connected in disconnected times

How do our people feel? Are they still engaged? Are they motivated enough to bring their best to the table? 

Effective digital onboarding

Effective digital onboarding and e-learning

We explained how to build a course, what visual devices can help strengthen the employees’ understanding of the material, make learning easier for them.

communities inside a company

How to build a strong company culture?

We introduced our app’s newest feature: Community. Which helps you to create stronger bonds between your colleagues even if they are at home office or work from multiple locations.


Communication influencers within the company

We talked about company influencers on our last webinar, whose role, aside from representing the company in external events is also to conquer an increasing amount of space within company communication as well.


How to design an effective digital onboarding process?


The golden rules for engaging blue-collar employees

Engaging physically active employees who don’t have desk jobs (that is, don’t have a workstation) with company communications is a real headache for HR professionals.


4 reasons to give up (or at least modernize) your intranet

It’s no accident that 87% of the global workforce reaches most company news via the intranet, which is the exact amount of people who say they don’t feel committed to their current workplaces.


We help company crisis communication with a free app

Coronavirus hasn’t bypassed our country either. Day-by-day, hour-by-hour, new panic striking information comes up about the topic


What are employees truly curious about?

Internal communication is never a hiccup-free road in a company’s life. The responsibilities are split between HR and communication team.


How to regulate the use of smartphones in the workplace?

Smartphones are an instrumental part of our daily lives, and in return, we’re not that happy about being separated from them either.


The 10 most burning internal communications challenges and their solutions

Today, clear and open communication is the cornerstone for every successful company.