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One platform for all employee needs

Internal communication, engagement, administration, education: reach your entire workforce with Blue Colibri App.

A smiling blue collar worker wearing safety glasses, a gray t-shirt, and blue overalls holds a smartphone in one hand, seemingly engaged in reading or typing.
Graphic representing a smartphone showcasing a social media app interface with a gallery of various social activities and user interactions like comments and likes
A graphic of a smartphone displaying an internal communication app interface with a video of a woman holding up a drawing, icons for likes, comments, and play button visible
A smartphone screen displaying a social media app interface, showing users interacting with each other in a chat function, including using emoji reactions.
A smartphone screen displaying a mood check function with a photo of a woman sitting cross-legged on a desk, papers flying around her, and a smiley face selected for mood submission.
An illustration of a smartphone displaying various pop-ups related to work tasks and event reminders. The design emphasizes a modern, user-friendly interface.

Industry solutions

A man wearing a brown shirt and a leather apron holds a smartphone in one hand and a clipboard in the other, looking intently at the phone screen.


Discover the best digital communication and education tools to collaborate and build communities across sites and shops.

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Young woman with long curly hair wearing a white shirt, tie, and apron, smiling while looking at her smartphone against a black background with yellow paint splashes.


Integrate new workers as soon as possible to support commercial goals and eliminate the chaos of administration.

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A professional woman in a lab coat, hairnet, and gloves holds a tablet, looking focused to the side. She exhibits a healthcare or food safety setting.


Make mandatory safety trainings easily accessible and digestible without any classrooms and keep your workforce engaged.

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A construction worker in a hard hat and safety goggles holding a clipboard and rope, looking attentively to the side.


Internal referral system, automatically translated content and more to help you engage employees and keep turnover rates low.

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A man in a plaid shirt and red vest, wearing a cap, smiling while using a tablet.


Real-time updates and easily downloadable documents even on the road for transparent and accessible communication.

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Create. Connect. Communicate

One platform to rule them all

Internal communication
Digital education
Blue Colibri logo with a white background and decorative graphics.


Stay on brand easily:  your app and its features will be fully tailored to your company's look and needs.


No need to be tech-savvy: the Blue Colibri App is available on Android, iOS or web, with a social media-like design for a familiar feel.

A smartphone screen displaying an app interface with tabs for Recent, Events, News, and Notification. On the screen, a cartoon of a woman holding a phone, with a news pop-up announcing a new employee.


Reach non-desk employees immediately with critical information and targeted news.


Improve your organization's internal communications with first-hand analytics, and watch your company culture flourish.

A new driving force for your company

Two people communicate via digital tablets in a split-screen view. The man gestures with his hand as he holds a tablet, and the woman listens attentively, appearing in a separate frame.

Connect employees

No laptops. No emails. No need to learn how to use 6 different softwares. Reach your entire workforce, including non-desk employees through a single app - all they need is their phones to stay updated.

Two professionals, one male and one female, are discussing data displayed on various charts and graphs in a business setting. They are standing and appear engaged in their analysis.

Unlock insights

For an effective communication strategy you need data. With Blue Colibri App, you will receive firsthand insights from every feature to help you reach your full potential.

A graphic of a hand holding a smartphone displaying a social media app interface with three user profiles, one of which features a woman cheering.

Customize features

Pick the features you actually need - we can activate the rest for you anytime. Customize the app, track progress and automate repetitive tasks to better suit your company processes.

Three people, one man and two women, stand placing their hands together in a team gesture, smiling and collaborating. They are depicted in a simple, monochrome style.

Grow continuously

We consider maintenance to be only the beginning of meaningful support. Our team of experts and your dedicated success manager will be there for you even after implementation to support your growth.

Your future numbers

Focusing on internal communication, engagement, and connecting your employees brings real business results, putting you ahead of the competition. It's time to give your company culture a well-deserved boost!


Companies with effective communication programs are 3.5 times more likely to outperform their peers. According to Forbes, good company culture increases revenue by 4 times, while another study found that employee productivity increases by 20-25% in organizations where employees are connected. In addition, businesses that are good at communicating with their employees are 50% less likely to experience high employee turnover.


Based on our partners' most common dilemmas, here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Does each employee need their own email account in order to use the system?

No, an email address is not required; a unique user ID is all that's needed to access the system.

On which devices can I login to the system?

The system can be accessed from computer, smartphone, tablet, or KIOSK.

Can non-desk employees whose jobs don't require them to be at a computer all day use the system?

Yes, they can easily access the application from their mobile phones.

Is the app easy-to-use?

Yes, the platform is user-friendly and as simple to navigate as any social media platform.

Is it possible to only use specific parts of the system (e.g: onboarding or e-learning)?

Yes, we have more than 30 features, but it's absolutely possible to use the platform for specific purposes only, for example, training. We only activate the features you truly need, and the rest can be added to your app later.

Can the communication be segmented (e.g., sending out news or documents for only part of the company)?

All of our features can be segmented. You can decide who can see the content you are publishing, let that be specific users or target groups.

Can we see statistics about the system usage (views, likes, comments)?

Yes, everything is measured in the system, the analytics are available for the system administrators.

Is there a way to get the app in our language? Can the content be automatically translated?

Implementing a new language takes a maximum of 2 weeks (we already have 16+ languages ready to use immediately), and with a built-in content translator, everyone will be able to access the information shared in the Blue Colibri App in their native language (based on browser/mobile setting).

Is the system GDPR compliant?

The app is 100% GDPR compliant. Our partners decide what user data they'd like to upload to the system.

Can we integrate the platform with our already existing systems?

Yes, Blue Colibri can be integrated with HRM, etc. systems. For more information, please contact us.

Can I have a demo access?

Sure! Please contact our Business Development Representatives by clicking here; they will get in touch with you within 48 hours, and after a brief online chat, we can provide you with access to our demo platform. There are no costs or commitments involved within this process.

I am interested in the pricing. How can I get a cost estimate for my company?

Please contact our team at Business Development Representatives by clickling here; they will get in touch with you within 48 hours, and after a brief online chat, we can provide you with a cost estimate.

Still have a question?

Our team of experts are more than happy to answer any additional questions you may have - let's have a chat!


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