New way of working requires a new way of employee interactions!

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The time of company newsletters and leaflets has come to an end. Let’s step into the digital era of building an engaged workforce together! With a cloud based and 100% secure multiplatform you will be able to create a meaningful connection with your non-desk colleagues. Save money and be efficient with us!

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Trusted by leading brands like to engage 70K+ employees in 12+ countries​.
Trusted by
+ leading brands to engage
K+ employees in
+ countries​.
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Effective onboarding list for your organization

The Ultimate Digital Pre- and Onboarding Checklist

If you want to reduce employee turnover it is essential to have a proper onboarding and preboarding checklist in your company. We prepared one useful for you!

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Our solutions

Employees feel more included when they can easily understand new systems. With so many different “apps” for different purposes, the digitalization of processes can be frustrating and painful. We created a multiplatform which synthesizes many features into one application that is easy and enjoyable to manage both for the admins and the desk and non-desk employees.

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Blue Colibri App on different devices

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We have digital solutions to make your company's workforce's life easier in 4 different areas with 30 features.

Internal communication

Keep your workforce well-informed with effective and transparent communication.

HR admin

Simplify administration processes that help to reduce the HR team's workload.


Digitize your onboarding and e-learning training and make it accessible to everybody.


Connect the community, shape your culture and engage your employees with us.


By introducing the software, we have built a gap filler online community space that provides a link between the almost 300 members of our team at 11 different sites, and allows extremely fast information flow through a customized, user-friendly interface.
Gódor Petra

Leader of HR and organizational development,
Plazmaszolgálat Kft.

With the help of Blue Colibri, we can easily inform our colleagues working anywhere in the country. The app is transparent and user-friendly, with countless useful functions. The BC team is well-prepared and extremely helpful. I can only recommend them.
Viktória Rácz

HR Business Partner,

Thanks to Blue Colibri, we can inform our colleagues as quickly as possible, including physical staff. We use less paper and we can accelerate and digitize more and more processes.
Lídia Blaskovics

Communication specialist,
Güntner-Tata Kft.

The Blue Colibri App - or as we call it within the company, the TrenkID - has given us a platform where we can provide a much more smooth and aesthetic internal communication to our colleagues. The platform has many features that we are currently testing and want to implement into our processes in the future. From the Blue Colibri team, we immediately receive responses to all of our questions, as well as a supportive/helpful attitude toward our suggestions. Thank you!
Katalin Médli

HR Manager,
Trenkwalder Cégcsoport

The app opened new dimensions in business communications! The relationship between workers within our company has become more direct and more colorful. Not only is the information flow more intense, it also works back and forth!
Ildikó Gombolai

J. H. Ziegler Hungary Kft.

Since the introduction of the Blue Colibri App last year, communication has greatly improved between our desk and non-desk staff. The information summarized within the onboarding and e-learning features makes training more efficient for both new team members and trainers. Our company is using much less paper overall. We would say yes to Blue Colibri App again at any time.
Dóra Tiben


We started using the application at the end of March 2020. Our colleagues soon grew to like it because it is easy to use and they can immediately get to know about all the important information. Since then, several  new features have been developed by the Blue Colibri team that responds very quickly and readily to any of our requests and questions.
Balázs Jokesz

HR & GA Manager,
Alpine Electronics Manufacturing of Europe LTD. Hungary

What we love the most in the Blue Colibri app is that it is a user-friendly platform improving continuously in sync with us, while supporting both the employee experience and our organizational communication goals. For us, it is now not only a platform for strengthening our internal information flow and community building, but it also supports our digitalization aspirations by allowing our employees to manage more and more administrative issues through the app. With Blue Colibri's helpful, professional team, it is a pleasure to work with: together we can find a solution for anything.
Anikó Andorka

Head of Transformation,
Hunland Group

It's a great experience working together with the Blue Colibri team, because they pay close attention to the smallest demands of their partners and have a solution for every challenge. For us at Volvo Hungary, with the help of Blue Colibri App distances disappeared between our sites. What has been difficult in the past, is now only a few clicks: that's all we need to share corporate information, interesting news and our everyday prideful moments with our colleagues!
Zsófia Bálint

Marketing coordinator,
Volvo Hungária Kft.

Our goal was the renewal of our internal communication interface, for which we asked for the help of Blue Colibri. After the introduction, almost all our employees registered on the platform, but we knew that we could not lay back: after getting the attention of our colleagues we need to keep it as well, so we are constantly working to maintain an active user base. In the future, we would like to put more emphasis on e-learning and on-boarding processes, for which we will be using the interior features of the platform, and we have many ideas we want to implement with the involvement of our different divisions. Thankfully, the app will help us realize all of them.
Amelita Farkas

HR manager,
Libri-Bookline Zrt.

If your old methods are not delivering the expected results anymore, then upgrade your vision and join the newest business application for improving internal communication! Because for us, with Zwapp, the distances between the company divisions are constantly decreasing. Through the app, colleagues get to know each other and each other's activities. Information reaches everyone, at the same time, on their phones. The team behind BC always supports our work, in a professional and enthusiastic way.
Tímea Somoskeőyné Papp

HR assistant,
Zwack Unicum Nyrt.

We have been working with Blue Colibri since the development of our internal application, MyWellis. We launched this system about a year ago, and since then almost a 1000 of our colleagues have been using it regularly. The BC team will help us a lot if we get stuck with some processes or if we need any inspiration. Our mentor is Brigi who always hurries to our aid lightning fast whenever we have any questions, and shows us new ideas and improvements at our monthly discussions, so we can better use the features of the platform.
Dorottya Varga

Communication specialist,
Wellis Magyarország Zrt.

With Blue Colibri, we managed to experience a very new level of internal corporate communication. We set up a communication system which is independent from other platforms, yet still provides users with a real modern "social media experience". With the BC team, cooperation is smooth, as there is a young, very helpful, direct, professional team behind the app.
Dávid Szanyi

Communication referens,
MAM-Hungária Kft

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