New way of working requires a new way of employee interactions!

Get your workforce connected

The time of company newsletters and leaflets has come to an end. Let’s step into the digital era of building an engaged workforce together! With a cloud based and 100% secure multiplatform you will be able to create a meaningful connection with your non-desk colleagues. Save money and be efficient with us!

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Trusted by leading brands like to engage 70K+ employees in 12+ countries​.
Trusted by
+ leading brands to engage
K+ employees in
+ countries​.
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Employees feel more included when they can easily understand new systems. With so many different “apps” for different purposes, the digitalization of processes can be frustrating and painful. We created a multiplatform which synthesizes many features into one application that is easy and enjoyable to manage both for the admins and the desk and non-desk employees.

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We have digital solutions to make your company's workforce's life easier in 4 different areas with 30 features.

Internal communication

Keep your workforce well-informed with effective and transparent communication.

HR admin

Simplify administration processes that help to reduce the HR team's workload.


Digitize your onboarding and e-learning training and make it accessible to everybody.


Connect the community, shape your culture and engage your employees with us.

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We also frequently share best practices and our creative and client-oriented customer success team will be there for you along the way. 

Dedicated customer success manager

Our success is based on how effectively you can implement the Blue Colibri App and how successfully you can engage your employees with the HRM tool. That’s why we not only support the implementation, but our dedicated expert will remain in reach for ideas and best practices to discuss, and to provide assistance with your questions. 

Lifetime support

Our clients enjoy a community raised with exclusive content, dedicated implementation support for existing and new features, and like-minded professionals that are constantly encouraged to share best practices and experiences.

Cost effective

Blue Colibri App was born from an HR consultancy firm. We’re proud of our roots and our community and keep constantly developing our platform to fit the needs of HR professionals in search for more connection and productivity at the workplace.

Safety and Privacy

As a European company we store your company’s and your employees’ data with the best secure solutions on our servers. We are offering multi-level administrative roles and you can also decide who should have access to particular data and content in the app. l Also we help you how you can handle and cover the data and access levels from the legal side in your country.


Not only the interface was carefully designed to make users interact with the tool smoothly, but we also put all of our expertise to create a platform where communication and community building can easily happen, and seamlessly manageable by the HR admins and managers. Engagement is a core aspect of all of our features.

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