Construction industry

See how you can reach all your non-desk employees through our construction-specific solutions to make the most out of your employee platform.

A construction worker wearing blue work coat, white hard cap and sfety glasses, looking up and holding a tablet.
A smartphone displaying a social media app with various images including a group photo and people in different settings. Icons indicate likes and commenting function.
A smartphone screen displaying a mood check app with a photo of a woman sitting cross-legged on a desk, papers flying around her, and a smiley face selected for mood submission.
Illustration on a smartphone screen showing three colleagues engaging with a "team building activities assessment" application, voting for outdoor activities like sailing or hiking.
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Communication Without Barriers

Different locations, numerous non-desk workers, several languages, and one simple solution: reach your entire workforce without any communication barriers through your customized Blue Colibri platform.

Share & translate content automatically

One of the biggest obstacles to effective internal communication is connecting with employees who aren't at their desks all day. The solution? Make use of the devices they already have. Blue Colibri App allows you to instantly reach your workforce by sending targeted messages and notifications right to their phones. Easily share company updates or regular communications from upper management with just a few clicks. Thanks to the platform's in-built translation plugin, you can rest assured that no member of your staff will be left out of the loop.

Illustration of a man holding a phone with open tabs in the background.
Illustration of two hands holding a tablet and watching e-learning materials.

Save time with digitized processes

Through your employee platform's digital administration tools, important documents and forms become readily available for all your coworkers in just a few taps. Our flexible application can help you digitize and accelerate any of your unique business processes, from transforming your training materials into bite-sized, engaging e-learning courses to making contracts, documents, requests, pay slips, and more accessible to your workforce from any location.

Due to the organizational structure, building communities is extremely important to us, for which Blue Colibri is the perfect platform.
- KÉSZ Group

A construction worker wearing plaid patterned shirt and yellow west and hard cap, looking at his phone as looking down.

Success stories

Tried and true: download our partners' case studies and learn how an employee platform could benefit your own staff.

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Rossmann Hungary's secret weapon in internal communication

The biggest challenge for the company was communicating with almost 2,400 employees in more than 240 locations simultaneously. How to speed up communication? And how to reach employees who don’t have a company email address? 

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Ditching Paper-based Communication for an Effective, Engaging, Digital Alternative

From a single magnetic board to a lively employee platform: Ruag Aerostructures Hungary Zrt. turned to digitalization and completely updated its internal communication processes. In this case study, we explore their digitalization story.

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Change of Culture: Successfully Reaching Non-Desk Staff Via Digitalization

How can you engage your blue-collar teammates in your company’s internal communication? What options does your organization have if you want to create a digitized communication culture built on continuous feedback? Learn how we achieved just that with Summit D&V in this case study.

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See how Blue Colibri App will help your business

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