Keep your workforce engaged

A new level of employee engagement is possible with the Blue Colibri App: receive detailed analytics and brand new digital tools to elevate your engagement strategy.

By introducing the software, we have built a gap filler online community space that provides a link between the almost 300 members of our team at 11 different sites, and allows extremely fast information flow through a customized, user-friendly interface.
- Plazmaszolgálat Kft.


Companies that focus on engagement see benefits like:


Did you know that a good company culture increases revenue by 4x? And yet, 1 in 3 professionals cite boredom as their main reason for leaving their jobs, and 85% of employees are not engaged in the workplace. Even though 69% of employees say they would work harder if they were better appreciated, while disengagement costs the UK £52-£70 billion per year in lost productivity.


Elevate The Employee Experience

Through effective engagement features, Blue Colibri helps you measure and manage how employees feel about the most important parts of your workplace culture.

Retain talent via digitalization

According to analytics and consulting firm Gallup, the overall percentage of engaged workers during 2022 is only 34%, down from 39% in 2021. So how can you improve on that and get ahead of your competitors? The answer is digitalization, which allows you to keep your entire workforce engaged, including non-desk employees. Investing in employee engagement increases productivity, improves work quality, and helps you retain top talent by reducing turnover.

Discover powerful gamification tools

Gamification is an excellent tool to keep your employees engaged. The Blue Colibri App features a wide variety of pre-built gamification tools with in-app analytics, ensuring that you won't waste time figuring out game mechanics. Challenges, betting games, and smart webshop integration through the system are the perfect mix of fun and usefulness to increase your engagement rates.

With Blue Colibri, we managed to experience a brand new level of internal corporate communication. We were able to set up a communication system which is independent from other platforms, but still provides users with a real, modern "social media experience".
- MAM-Hungária Kft


Send automated personal messages to your employees for birthdays or anniversaries.

Redeem points earned through custom ways within the app for company prizes.

Build a strong feedback culture based on recognitions and performance acklownedgements.

Create groups based on interests, work departments, locations, and more.

Challenge your employees in an easy and fun way through gamification tools.

Case studies

Here's what engagement looks like: download case studies and learn from the success of our partners.

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