Introducing Blue Colibri

Blue Colibri App was born from an HR consultancy firm as a much needed all-around solution addressing the widespread issues faced by our former clients in ther day-to-day business activities. We've come a long way from our beginnings, and we're extremely proud of both our roots and the enthusiastic response we've received from the people who have helped us build this platform.

Together with our partners, Blue Colibri is constantly evolving to meet the demands of partners and those in search for more connection and productivity at the workplace.

Company milestones

August 2018

The idea of Blue Colibri App is born, handwritten on a random piece of paper. (Hey, seems like journaling actually works sometimes!)

December 2018

We received a seed investment from OXO Technologies Holding

January 2019

The 0.1 version of the system launched for our first two partners. This was when we realized just how much more work is needed to make this blue bird fly.

June 2019

We joined the Microsoft Startup program.

March 2020

During the pandemic, we launched our free crisis communication package, the Blue Colibri App Smart, to help companies reach all their employees.

May 2020

First partner in Romania marks the start of our global expansion.

September 2020

New features, such as Communities and e-learning/onboarding launched, meaning that the Blue Colibri App became able to support not only internal communication but also employee engagement and education.

January 2021

We launched BC News, our professional community building news platform,  for our partners and started sharing information on how to improve content production processes on a weekly basis.

February 2021

Brand new Administration features launched, making the App suitable for managing administrative tasks as well.

May 2021

We received investments from Bonitás Capital Fund and OXO Technologies Holding Plc.

November 2021

We were able to exhibit our application at WebSummit, one of Europe's largest technology conferences.

April 2022

After some re-branding, our new logo and brand book were born.

May 2022

We organized the fist Connect Conference and in relation to the event handed out the first Connect Awards.

June 2022

The number of employees working at the company increased to more than 35 people.

September 2022

We partnered up with our 100th client.

Awards & recognitions

Budapest Entrepreneurial Development Association

Winner Award Certificate of „9th Be Smart startup competition”

Budapest Entrepreneurial Development Association

Startup Innovation Award Winner


2 golds, 1 special awards

VODAFONE Ready Contest

2nd place, New Corporate Cooperation category ("Everyone needs a plan B! "Hungary's largest HR volunteer program")


2 golds, 1 silver, 1 bronze

Kreatív Online PR Top list

TOP 10


TOP 10 list (Most promising Hungarian startup from Budapest)


Silver (Digital onboarding solution)

Conscious Business badge

from Bridge Budapest

Comenius Edu-Media Award


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