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See how you can reach all your non-desk employees through our logistics-specific solutions to make the most out of your employee platform.

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Effective Communication On The Road

Communicate and engage without (and across) borders with the Blue Colibri App. Let them be in an office, a warehouse, or on the road, your employees can finally access company news and important documents, right from their smartphones.

Why is internal communication important in logistics? - Eliminate distances

Blue Colibri App allows you to instantly reach your workforce by sending targeted messages and notifications right to their phones - even when they are on the road. According to Gallup, 74% of employees feel that they're missing out on company news. Ensure that your information is read by office and non-desk staff alike via the Blue Colibri platform, without having to rely on phone calls and word-of-mouth. And the best part? Your coworkers don't need email accounts or laptops to be alerted of critical information.

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Fine tune your strategy via feedback

Besides poor reach, traditional communication methods are also difficult to evaluate for efficiency. Without insights and feedback, strategies are doomed to fail. In your employee platform each feature comes with hands-on analytics to ensure your success. Through various feedback features like polls and pulse surveys you can gain valuable insights from and about your employees to further support your communication strategy.

The Blue Colibri App helps resolve organizational segmentation, and makes targeted groups easy to reach. Content can be segmented well, specific business branches or sites can be accessed without extra work, and we can easily produce content specifically for white-or blue-collar workers, or for managers.
- Trans-Sped Kft.

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Success stories

Tried and true: download our partners' case studies and learn how an employee platform could benefit your own staff.

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Rossmann Hungary's secret weapon in internal communication

The biggest challenge for the company was communicating with almost 2,400 employees in more than 240 locations simultaneously. How to speed up communication? And how to reach employees who don’t have a company email address? 

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Ditching Paper-based Communication for an Effective, Engaging, Digital Alternative

From a single magnetic board to a lively employee platform: Ruag Aerostructures Hungary Zrt. turned to digitalization and completely updated its internal communication processes. In this case study, we explore their digitalization story.

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Change of Culture: Successfully Reaching Non-Desk Staff Via Digitalization

How can you engage your blue-collar teammates in your company’s internal communication? What options does your organization have if you want to create a digitized communication culture built on continuous feedback? Learn how we achieved just that with Summit D&V in this case study.

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