Digitizing Internal Communication as a Means of Employee Motivation‍

How can a modern internal communication platform help engage new teammates and retain current ones? Can an app bring a company’s employees closer to about the company ether? Take a look at our learnings in this case study with J. H. Ziegler Magyarország Kft.‍

About the partner company

J. H. Ziegler Magyarország Kft. is a company with over 100 years of history in non-woven textile production. Their products can be used in a wide range of use cases, from the automobile industry, to furniture production, to construction. The J. H. Ziegler company group has 3 locations around the world, in China, Germany and Hungary. The Hungarian company employees 130 people, of them 100 are blue-collar workers. Most of the employees are young, the average age is 37 years.

Main internal communication challenges

  • Engaging new employees and retaining current ones by improving communication.
  • Reaching blue-collar workers directly.
  • Introducing a solution that can measure whether messages have reached their destination.
  • Replacing traditional communication channels (eg. board, TV)with modern devices.
“In the past few years, we’ve realized that engaging new employees and retaining existing ones is difficult, if we don’t use motivational devices that differ from the traditional ones. The more information that our colleagues get, together with the opportunity to engage with it, the more likely they are to become a part of the company’s life”

said Ildikó Gombolai, Finance and Personnel Manager J.H. Ziegler Magyarország kft.

The solution

J. H. Ziegler Magyarország Kft. was looking for solutions to these communications challenges when they took into consideration Blue Colibri App’s internal communication app. Before implementing it, they conducted a survey among their employees, to understand how open they would be to such a device.

“The survey provided very positive results. This reinforced our understanding that our employees are interested and curious about the company’s life. In order to better engage them, we chose ambassadors in every area, who helped their teammates install and explore the app’s features.”

told us Ildikó.

Our older employees were as enthusiastic about the platform as our younger ones. The company put additional time and energy into helping older colleagues get to know the app and master its features. Since then, they’re just as active on the platform as their younger teammates.

About the Blue Colibri App

The Blue Colibri App platform doesn’t take up space on phones, teammates can download the app on their own devices and don’t have to bother with updates. Every piece of new content is announced with a notification, making its use comfortable and simple.

“Our teammates can immediately get valuable and accurate information in the app. Our earlier communication channels have decreased in importance since the Blue Colibri App. Because we spend less time at our office locations due to the pandemic, the app is a much more useful and accessible tool for everyone than the TV and news bulletin”

- she mentioned

The company uses the news and notifications features the most to share company-related information and corona-related limitations and developments. Employees can download useful assets from the document database (regulations, work-related docs, etc.). Audits and review times can be seen in the calendar feature, as well community events.

Results and achievements

  • The company shares a lot of product news on the platform. They manufacture a specialized product, which exists in every area of our life, but usually isn’t visible. By bringing our teammates closer to the product, they understand how their work creates an impact in everyday life, and also get closer to the company.
  • Information exchange became faster, our employees feel like their opinion matters.
“The app helped us get closer to our employees. There are common topics and points that they have the opportunity to discuss. I believe that everyone feels that their words make an impact on the company’s life”

said by ldikó Gombolai