Fast Digital Communication With Blue-Collar Workers

About our partner company

Summit D&V Kft. works across three different locations, with 170 employees importing and servicing automobile parts. The employee demographic is largely male (80%), with 80% of them a blue-collar employee. The age demographic is diverse, every group from career starters to retirement-ready employees are represented at the company

Main internal communication challenges

  • Getting important information to every employee in time.
  • Providing an opportunity for employees to respond.
  • Decreasing the administration work of traditional communications channels(eg. newsletter, bulletin board).

The solution

Summit D&V Kft. found a solution to the above challenges in the Blue Colibri App internal communication app. The platform was introduced at the onset of the pandemic, and reached 70% installation within 1-2 days.

“The improvement reached us at the very best time. Our team understood the point and gave it a positive reception. Our teammates know that the platform serves their interest, as this is the best way for them to learn about company news firsthand”

Anikó Zsákovics, Summit D&V kft., HR assistant

Since its introduction, 90% of Summit D&V’s employees have registered on the platform and are active users. The minimal 10% that didn’t download the app consist first and foremost of long-term sick-leave teammates, who haven’t yet had the opportunity to understand and take advantage of the platform, as well as 1-2 teammates that didn’t have the right device. Digitizing and modernizing internal communications within the company has resulted in faster information exchange and the opportunity for employees to respond to news.

“Earlier, any feedback we had was collected through a lengthy process that involved paper-based data collection and processing. Since we began using the Blue Colibri App internal communications app, our company can work much more effectively. We can use the newly available human resources and time on other things.”

- said Anikó Zsákovics

About the Blue Colibri app

Blue Colibri App’s diverse set of features significantly helped Summit D&V Kft.’s internal communications during the pandemic. Short, attention-grabbing announcements and news directly notified teammates about to-dos, benefits, and the opening up of the company. Since quarantine began, Summit D&V Kft. used online questionnaires to assess who had symptoms that indicated potential infection and who needed what kind of support, including childcare, amongst other things. In this way, the app provided support in protecting against viral spread. Everyone could access the guidelines, busy timetables, benefits application process, pandemic related news, as well as work schedule changes in the online document database, at any time, from anywhere.

Results and achievements

  • Internal communication became significantly faster.
  • Teammates now have an opportunity to provide immediate feedback on issues that involve them.
  • The company can better engage employees in company life, through event planning and work satisfaction surveys.
  • The administration that came with paper-based communication decreased considerably.
“Our teammates know that their opinion counts. This is extremely important in retaining employees. In the future, faster and more modern communication can work to increase our colleague’s engagement and commitment”

Anikó told us.