Hungarian State Opera Goes Digital: Your First-Hand Look at Blue Colibri App in Action

When you think about the opera, you might not associate it with digitization immediately (ladies and gentlemen dressed in beautiful costumes and hitting impressive notes are more likely to come to your mind). But now the Hungarian State Opera is here to disprove all assumptions: introducing their new employee platform, OperaTutti.

OperaTutti by Blue Colibri was launched to make the day-to-day tasks and internal communication of Opera employees easier.  The application focuses on three main areas: faster information flow, engagement and community building, and online administration, thus opening a better, more modern chapter in the daily lives of OPERA employees at work. 

Below is a video where you can see the app in action and hear more about why OPERA chose to implement it. 

The video is currently only available in Hungarian!

In their case study to be presented at the 2023 Connect Conference, OPERA's Dr. Zsófi Kovács, Head of Legal and Human Resources, and Szilveszter Ókovács, DLA, General Director, will go into greater depth regarding the OperaTutti application. Secure your tickets before 20 April here!

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