The Golden Rules for Engaging Blue-Collar Employees

Looking over the most popular tools, it’s obvious that despite serious developments in tech, communication with physically active, non-desk job employees is still stagnating somewhere around the industrial revolution. A few examples of solutions in agriculture, production, and manufacturing: business assemblies, flyers, announcement boards, paper surveys, etc.

Forget the announcement board!

It’s no wonder, that we’re forced to choose from a generally limited toolset, as reaching those without an online workstation is a significant challenge in and of itself. Different locations or employees dispersed across smaller units are constantly moving, and generally don’t have a computer or internet access. An average physically active employee does not have an email address, meaning that the most popular form of communication is a no-go if we want to engage them in organizational communication.

When over 80% of the global workforce is physically active, without a workstation, it’s worthwhile to pay attention to them. They’re constantly on the road, traversing the country — like sales people and truck drivers. These stats make it obvious that a large part of the workforce is inaccessible, or at least can’t be effectively reached.

⅔ of physically active workers swear by this solution

Let’s not forget that within a few years a completely new generation will take over the workforce. By 2025, 75% of the workforce will be made up of the YZ generation, and 98% of them will have a smartphone in their pocket — even at work.

75% of blue-collar employees find communication on a customized app much more comfortable and effective than other “obsolete” solutions like intranet, email, or printed materials.

What’s more, according to a Deloitte study surveying 140 countries with over 10,000 leaders, 77% of today’s managers believe that email won’t be an effective communication method in the future… Making a good case to think twice about your alternatives.

How can you pocket good communication?

Blue Colibri App provides a revolutionary solution for reaching, engaging and conversing with employees that don’t have a computer, workstation or business email address and work in dispersed locations.

Blue Colibri is more than a simple communication platform.

Our colleagues can read the latest news anywhere, at any time. They can create a group, chat, respond and organize events at the tap of a button. The platform provides multiple opportunities to make internal communications an experience that brings your employees closer to the company’s culture.

The application’s features are designed to solve the multiple, daunting problems that companies face with one customizable solution:

Internal communication

  • Share company news, images, and videos with every employee or with a selected group.
  • Prioritize important news with short, featured announcements
  • Create and share company events in a user-friendly calendar with RSVP capabilities.
  • Chat with anyone in the contacts list that gives permission, as well as with teams in groups.

Information transfer

  • A company who’s who. Access each employee’s business contact.
  • Document database. View and download rules, regulations, guidelines and company materials, and send read receipts (“I read and understood”).

HR features

Engagement and employee satisfaction boosting features..

  • Create and view albums. Upload and download images and videos that depict everyday company life. Photo and video content uploading.
  • Create groups based on interests, work departments, locations, and more. Send and share targeted content to select groups.
  • Create, share, and complete online surveys easily and measurably, with up-to-the-minute analytics.
  • Create fun quizzes. Add pictures, questions, and multiple choice options about company changes. Add a points system and create a top list.

Blue Colibri App is an effective and attractive way to reach employees and those workers who can be engaged in the company communication who you were unable to reach heretofore. For more information or a free demo, get in touch!