We Help Company Crisis Communication With a Free App

In addition to the healthcare risks the virus has posed, the virus also has a series effect on the economy. The biggest challenge facing companies is minimizing loss and providing continuous, authentic updates. In these times, contradictory information on various portals and social media platforms is ubiquitous. Uncertainty, lack of information, and rising panic significantly damages the economy and further destroys employee engagement.

Remote work and fast information dissemination

Remote work, knowledge sharing systems, online presence, communication channels, and many more platform developments provide solutions to ensure that coronavirus doesn’t leave lasting wounds on your company balance sheet. Blue Colibri App helps responsible companies defeat uncertainty

with a free platform through which companies can immediately notify their employees,

be they blue collar or white collar workers. The platform allows you to share work-related documents as well as helping remote work, which many companies have mandated, in order to stop the spread of the virus.

In the event of any crisis or emergency situation, the first and most important thing to do is to provide necessary, trustworthy communication. According to the published results of the first comprehensive internal communications research completed in Hungary, there are a lot of areas for development in local company communication practices. Effective strategy, competent communications owners, a supportive culture, and appropriate content and tools are all needed to promote the success of internal communications.

Reach multiple thousands of employees, independent of location

Digital solutions are less popular, but in situations like the current coronavirus environment, we can use them to provide exceptionally effective and direct communications to our employees. Blue Colibri App Smart makes it possible to reach multiple thousands of employees, regardless of their geographic location.

Share real-time, up-to-the minute news and featured announcements, guidelines on proper hygiene and preventative measures,

as well as potential restrictions for all of your employees or specific groups. Employees can anonymously ask management questions, and can immediately notify leadership if they’re sick or feel unwell.

Responsible companies, effective prevention

Blue Colibri App Smart can be used by companies whose employees don’t have company devices or business email addresses. We support companies that want to complement their traditional communications practices with a digital solution, and deploy in an accelerated, 1-2 day process.

Our partners already include industry defining players at a higher risk to the dangers of coronavirus. This includes the cleaning and maintenance company B+N Referencia Zrt. who employs 7,000 employees, or the 200-person automobile industry enterprise J H Ziegler Magyarorszag Kft.

Almost 18,000 employees use Blue Colibri, and over half of our clients have sent communications surrounding coronavirus through it. Pandemic-related news was read by 75% of their recipients.