Change of Culture: Successfully Reaching Non-Desk Staff Via Digitalization

How can you engage your blue-collar teammates in your company’s internal communication? What options does your organization have if you want to create a digitized communication culture built on continuous feedback? Learn how we achieved just that with Summit D&V in this case study.

If you’re trying to figure out how to reach your non-desk, blue-collar employees successfully with your messages and how to better involve them in the company culture, digitalization might not be your first go-to idea. After all, the issue is that they don’t have email accounts or company laptops to access your newsletter, isn’t it? What good could come out of even more digitalization? 

Summit D&V Kft. works across three different locations importing and servicing automobile parts. The company employs about 170 people; 80% of their staff is non-desk. Despite the difficulty presented by COVID in terms of internal communication, the organization made the conscious decision to embrace digitalization in order to improve their reach and to build a culture that values feedback and two-way dialogue. In our case study, we explore their reasons, the process, and the results they achieved by implementing the Blue Colibri App.

Spoiler: opting for digitalization was a great success!

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Learn more about:

💡 The exact challenges Summit D&V was looking to solve

💡 The reasons they picked Blue Colibri App

💡 The results they achieved