Digitalizing Internal Communication as a Means of Employee Motivation‍

How can a modern internal communication platform help engage new teammates and retain current ones? Can an app help bring the employees closer to the company? Take a look at our findings in this case study with J. H. Ziegler Hungary.

J. H. Ziegler Magyarország Kft. is a company with over 100 years of history in non-woven textile production. Their products can be used in a wide range of use cases, from the automobile industry to furniture production, or construction. The J. H. Ziegler company group has 3 locations around the world, in China, Germany and Hungary. 

“In the past few years, we’ve realized that engaging new employees and retaining existing ones is difficult, if we don’t use motivational devices that differ from the traditional ones. The more information that our colleagues get, together with the opportunity to engage with it, the more likely they are to become a part of the company’s life”

- Ildikó Gombolai, Finance and Human Resources Manager J.H. Ziegler Hungary

Effective retention of the workforce is a very topical issue that has only become more and more important in recent years. Creating a supportive, engaging corporate culture is an important step to reduce turnover, and improving internal communication processes is part of this. In our case study at J. H. Ziegler Hungary, we show the results the company has achieved through digitalization and the Blue Colibri employee platform.

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