How does the exit interview contribute to increasing employee engagement?

 One of the last steps in the employee life journey is the exit interview, during which a representative of the employer and the employee discuss the reasons for the termination.

Topics may include the role of managers, the employee's perception of the position or even of the entire organization, or how the subordinate felt in the team. The exit interview can be held in person, virtually or even in the form of a questionnaire.

Be that as it may, the exit interview is not necessarily the last step in the cooperation. If the colleague leaves the company with good feelings, we don't have to say goodbye forever, as our paths may cross in the future, either with another application or with another type of cooperation.

In what ways can it benefit the employee, manager and the company? In our ebook we highlight the key aspects and criterias on how to conduct an interview like this. What is even more important is what can you do with the results? Let’s find out how you can turn this into your advantage. 

Content of our handbook: 

  1. Introduction – What is an exit interview? 
  2. Benefits – Why is it important for the employer and the employee?
  3. Pitfalls – What should we pay attention to and what results in lack of the exit interview?
  4. How to do it? 
  • What questions should you ask?
  • An example for data collection in a survey

     5. How to go on? - In other words, what to do with the answers?

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