How to organize a 1 on 1 meeting that is useful and effective for everyone

1 on 1 meetings are face-to-face conversations that give you the space to get to know your team members not just from a professional perspective, but to develop a more personal relationship with them. It gives you the opportunity to ask about how they are in their personal lives, to talk to them about what is important to them. This way the personal context can provide you with a deeper understanding and your colleague with a supportive environment where they can open up and feel safe and supported.

The content of our handbook: 

1. Introduction

2. 1 on 1 meeting purpose, importance

  • benefits for the employee
  • benefits for the manager 
  • benefits for the company

3. Setting up a 1 on 1 meeting

  • Frequency
  • Duration
  • Form
  • Venue

4. Tips on how to do it

5. Tips on how not to do it

6. Specific content tips

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