Migrating a 20-Year-Old Internal Magazine onto a Mobile App

Can you defeat geographic challenges and shorten the time it takes to share information? How can a company’s director address 1,600 employees in an authentic and immediate way? Our case study with Praktiker Kft.

Praktiker is a hardware store chain with a European network, founded in Luxembourg in 1978. In Hungary, Praktiker Kft. has 20 different home improvement locations across the country with a headquarters in Budapest, employing about 1,600 people. 

Not all of our 1,600 employees have a business email address, so in many instances, information reaches colleagues through warehouse managers. And secondhand information is easily distorted. We felt unsure that warehouse managers need to be the ones responsible for sharing information, and were always looking for solutions to this problem.

- Katalin Márton, Head of HR & CSR Praktiker Kft.

Prior to the introduction of the digital employee platform, Praktiker tried to reach its employees primarily through an internal, offline magazine, but the method was not fully effective. But how did employees respond to the change? In our case study, we take you through the process.

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