Overcoming Distance in Communication, Volvo Style

How can you reach and connect blue-collar employees working in different parts of the country, hundreds of kilometers apart, and build a cohesive company culture on such a heavily dispersed workforce? Is it possible to use a single platform to bring together people in their early twenties and veteran employees about to retire? Our case study at Volvo Hungary.

Volvo Hungary, the Hungarian subsidiary of Volvo Group, was looking for a way to include their non-desk employees in their internal communications when they decided to work together with Blue Colibri. 

"Our primary goal was to replace emails, because they are not are not a real way to communicate directly with employees, they don't reach everyone. We were looking for a platform that would allow for immediate communication, feedback, and two-way organizational communication."

Réka Váncsodi, Head of Marketing and Communication at Volvo Hungary

Those who don't work at desks typically don't have access to company laptops and have no company email accounts either, making it difficult to reach them immediately. And you surely know yourself that there are many situations where by the time posters get printed, it’s already too late: information gets outdated, lost, or simply ignored.

The best way to solve this problem is to reach our audience where they already spend most of their time: on their smartphones, where they can be notified simultaneously and in real time. At this point, all you need is the right app.

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