Internal Communication Trends in 2022

Employee experience and well-being in the light of data

Let’s face the consequences of the new ways of working we’ve been coping with for 2 years now: full-time home office and hybrid working are likely to remain parts of our everydays, it easily goes along with the upset of work-life balance and the risk of burnout.

In 2022, employers’ attention is required more than ever to focus not only on the physical but also on the psychological aspects of employee well-being. Reducing and minimizing the many burdens caused by the pandemic in the workplace becomes a priority in order to maintain workers’ mental health. The needs expressed by employees play an important role in this pursuit, which are worth taking into account in all decisions that determine the possible ways and forms of work ahead. Would you return to the office? Want to introduce extra home office days or a new work schedule? First, ask your employees with a questionnaire and shape the new systems together.

With the help of data and information gathered and used as feedback about the new possible ways of working before their actual launch, you can organize your day-to-day operations according to the real needs of employees and help them manage their working hours efficiently. Of course, developing a comprehensive positive employee experience begins much earlier than this.

Employees get their first impressions of the company during the selection and onboarding processes, which widely determine their later commitment to the workplace. Don’t save time and energy, work on shaping these processes until it results in them truly mirroring your corporate culture and values. Remember, the first impression can only be made once and this is also true in the case of employee experience.

You might ask: Where should I begin?

The answer: Building an effective, well-structured internal communication and information flow.

HR manager uses HRM tool

Do good, do it well and do it in the right time

Effective internal communication

Focus on effective, relevant information, take advantage of technology and make a connection with and between employees!

In 2022, internal communication should be…

  • mobile based,
  • visualized and
  • horizontal.


Generations Y and Z currently make up nearly 40% of the workforce, rising to around 60% over the next decade. This gives a significant dominance in the company to employees who are particularly receptive to technology and mobile-based communication, are used to easy access and fast consumption of information, which means they expect the same at their workplace as well.

Facebook has found in its own research that ads running with image content can produce up to 95% more reach (likes, comments, shares) which trend should be taken into account also when planning corporate communication to employees. Make videos, infographics, use GIFs and don’t worry about the costs: employees don’t expect professional scripts and well-practiced speeches, but honest thoughts and the opportunity to connect.

Informal communities forming in the background are the key to holding professional communities at the workplace together. Give room for horizontal connections, let human relationships blossom and watch this unity binding employees to the company with an unquestionable force both on the short and long run.

Have you noticed those prominent figures in the company who are always ready to organize team buildings and whose ideas are always welcomed among others? Rely on them as they play a key role in shaping the collective opinion of their community.

+1 golden rule: Don't be afraid to stop the constant flow of information sometimes!

In 2022, digital well-being is a key aspect of mental health. Let your employees breathe every now and then, help them break away from their gadgets and relieve them of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

Get CEOs on board!

Who could be a more solid source of information when representing corporate directions and decisions than the number-one leader of the organization? Direct messages from senior management will continue to be valuable and effective means of communication in 2022, strengthening relationships and trust with front-line workers.

Then why don't we do it (more often)? The biggest challenge is usually the CEO themself, who wants to get away with the task citing their lack of time, but in most cases their only obstacles are the unfamiliarity of the situation and the lack of experience with technology tools.

Still, CEO participation is unavoidable when communicating goals, causes and circumstances of change so let's see how you can help them in these situations:

  • Find a topic and means of communication that fit not only the corporate culture but also the CEO’s personality. Which situation suits them better: an open Q&A session or a small group discussion?
  • Use these tools consistently and regularly.
  • Don’t forget the personal and emotional factors of speeches either. Employees love to see the human face of top executives, which helps build their personal connection and commitment.

We hope these tips will help you to be even more prepared when implementing your company's internal communication strategy! If you need help from experts, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll show you how to get to the next level of HR digitization with the opportunities offered by the Blue Colibri App!