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Blue Colibri keeps your employees informed and makes their life easier with all the HR digital tools they need from onboarding to everyday administration. Then they can focus on what they do the best, value creation. Shape a real community, connect your entire workforce.

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We have solutions for:

Internal communication

Effective and transparent communication is the base for an engaged workforce. With the Blue Colibri App you can target and measure the effectiveness of your internal comms, send out and track the delivery of important announcements, and even create spaces for meaningful connections. Understanding how your employees interact with your content is a key in creating processes that work the best for your workplace and contribute to the overall efficiency of the organization.

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With the Calendar function you can create events and create notifications for all or a group of your coworkers.
Chat feature icon


Chat with anyone in the contacts list that gives permission, as well as with teams in groups.
Contacts feature icon


You can easily reach out to everybody from the contacts list.
Events feature icon


Create and share company events in a user-friendly calendar with RSVP capabilities.
Gallery feature icon


Create and view albums. Upload and download images and videos that depict everyday company life.
News feature icon


Share company news, images, and videos with every employee or with a selected group.
Notification features icon


Send brief news, bullets and announcements in an attention-grabbing way.
Survey feature icon


Create, share, and complete online surveys easily and measurably, with up-to-the-minute analytics.


Whether it’s onboarding new colleagues or training existing ones, continuous learning is easily manageable with our e-learning feature. Create learning materials with engaging content - videos, downloadable handbooks, tests - only with a few clicks, and get comprehensive statistics on completion and results.

E-learning feature icon


Embed videos, visuals, articles, education materials and interactive presentations that you can page through.
Onboarding feature icon


Create online trainings and upload company materials. Organize workshops and send notifications to the newcomers.
Quiz feature icon


Create fun quizzes. Add pictures, questions, and multiple choice options. Add a points system and create a top list.
Safety feature icon


Safety functions let you train your employees to work safely and follow the regulations and rules they have to.

HR administration

Many administrative tasks can be simplified by going digital with Blue Colibri. With features that can be used for multiple purposes, you can save plenty of time and reduce your expenses. Go green with the Blue Colibri App! 

Booking feature icon


With our solution, you can make up for scarce resources like a meeting room or a projector. You can even solve the parking.
Documents feature icon


View and download rules, regulations, guidelines and company materials, and send read receipts (“I read and understood”).
Helpdesk feature icon


With solutions, you can make it easy to solve your employee problems, saving you time and money.
Idea box feature icon

Idea box

With this, you can help with internal innovation, you can also explore ideas that you were not aware of before.
Knowledge feature icon


With this feature, you can share knowledge and information with your colleagues in an efficient and retrievable way.
Referral feature icon


With this system, you can help recruit new staff, and your employees can recommend friends to the company.
Ticketing system features icon

Ticketing system

With this solution, you can make internal processes, problem management and resolution within the company easy and traceable.

Employee Engagement

Engagement is at the core of everything we do. By providing a platform where people can connect and interact in a meaningful and transparent way, workplace communities can thrive even if the majority works remotely. You can also collect insights and measure the activity and involvement of your employees, and create and internal communication strategy that really fits your organization.  

Betting game feature icon

Betting game

This allows you to organize games for the community, such as the next football tournament, and your colleagues can even redeem points for prizes.
Communities feature icon


Create groups based on interests, work departments, locations, and more. Send and share targeted content to select groups.
Feedback forms feature icon

Feedback forms

Feedback is especially important for agile companies, and with our feedback form you can find out about it within the Blue Colibri system.
Rewarding system feature icon

Rewarding system

You can assign badges and rewards to different achievements, thus acknowledging the performance of the given employee.
Webshop feature feature icon


In the webshop, colleagues can redeem their points earned in the system in different ways for company prizes.
Well-being challenge features icon

Well-being challenge

With this fiction, I can publish various health-conscious challenges for the company’s employees.

Did you know?

Companies that focus on employee engagement have: 


In profitability


In productivity


In turnover for high-turnover organizations*


In safety incidents (accidents)

Source: Gallup 2020- Employee Engagement and Performance: Latest Insights From the World's Largest Study

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With us, you will:

Create engaging content

Organize events and friendly competitions, prepare e-learning materials, manage company announcements , and create a space where people can get connected based on their interest.. You can also create quizzes and forms to survey your colleagues' needs or their engagement to the company.

Track engagement through in-depth analytics

Continuous improvement is a key in every aspect of our working lives. By providing you all the data you need to measure the efficiency of your internal communication and training activities, you will be in the driving seat of creating a better functioning and efficient workplace community.

Reach and notify your coworkers

Have an important message that should be delivered immediately? With the option of sending push notifications on priority contents you can reach your colleagues anywhere, anytime - if needed ;).

Handle administration in a digital way

We package our solution in accordance to our partners’ needs ensuring that no extra feature is enabled if not necessary. Holiday management, payslips, cafeteria, or booking different company resources through one single solution? We heard you, and made all of these administratives tasks easily manageable through the Blue Colibri App Save money. Use one platform, instead of many!