Connect Awards 2023 Winners!

The second Connect Conference took place in April 2023, and it was bigger and more significant than the first. There were over 700 attendees and 120 presenters. At this year's conference, the Connect Awards were given out for the second time, this time in two categories, honoring the most creative uses of the Blue Colibri App for internal communication and employee engagement.

Game Changer Award

Campaigns and initiatives that have significantly impacted internal communication and business culture were recognized with the Game Changer Award. Judging was done mostly based on how original, impactful, and inspirational each idea was.

Bronze award winners:

SHOW-DER podcast (Merkbau Zrt.)

The Merkbau Group has been using its internal communication and employee platform MerkMondó successfully and imaginatively for a long time. However, content performance analysis revealed that employees had little time to read in-depth features, so they switched to a podcast format instead. This way, colleagues can tune in during their lunch breaks, commutes, sports practices, or chores around the house.

  • One 20-25 minute podcast episode per month with topical issues, introducing different areas and teams
  • New guest every month
  • 87% of colleagues say podcasts are more engaging than written content
„Since the Merkbau Group's 9 locations are spread out across the country, employees spend considerable time in their cars traveling to and from the various offices, construction sites, and commercial units. By creating a podcast, we are providing them something other than music to listen to on their commute that is informative and relevant to the company.”

A podcast to support getting to know each other (ZNET Telekom Zrt.)

ZNET Telekom has several locations across the country, so the distance between employees is quite large. As a result, it can be challenging for coworkers to form and maintain meaningful personal relationships that go beyond the surface level of their professional interactions. This series of podcasts on colleagues is designed to bridge the gap, and its format makes it easy to listen to while driving.

  • Introducing colleagues via podcast
  • Discovering hobbies and personal stories
  • 75% listening rate
"The internal podcast channel can also help new employees to settle in, as it allows them to listen to introductions of their colleagues and get to know the people they will be working with. This can help them understand the company culture and help new employees integrate more quickly."

Silver award winners:

Plazma Placc activities, combined with webshop (Plazmaszolgálat Kft.)

Plazmaszolgálat Kft. places a strong emphasis on community building and employee satisfaction activities. A number of challenges (e.g. running challenge) and games (pumpkin carving competition, Christmas sweater day) have been conducted on the employee app interface. Colleagues who take part in the events earn points that can be redeemed in the platform's webshop through the Blue Colibri App's points accumulation feature.

  • All activities in the app (communities, employee referrals, competitions, etc.) are rewarded with webshop points
  • 99% of activity has been reached
  • 118 posts in a quarter in the PlazMoments community
“Our goal is to forge the "Plazma family" through value-creating activity. We believe that even though our company is expanding and growing, the family environment is still sustainable with the help of these activities, among other things.”

Digital support throughout the entire employee lifecycle (MFS Defense Zrt.)

MFS Defense Zrt. decided to use the Blue Colibri App thinking not only about one project, but about complex digitalization (from recruitment to employee exit). Their goal was to provide transparent digital support, equally accessible to all colleagues for faster, more efficient and transparent processes. More than three quarters of the company's staff are non-desk employees, so it was a priority for them to have all support options available to them via their phones.

  • Support throughout the employee lifecycle
  • Digitization of almost all processes (from preboarding to performance appraisal) in 1 year
  • Significant time and cost savings
„We always keep in mind not only to highlight one segment of employee life, but to create a global platform with MFS News.”

Gold award winner:

MyWini app user activation (Wienerberger Zrt.)

The biggest challenges at Wienerberg Zrt. were the many remote sites, the fragmented employee community, the difficulty in reaching physical workers, the lack of information and low employee engagement. To address these, a 1-month campaign was launched for the 1st anniversary of the MyWini app, focusing on individual and site motivation, increasing activity and achieving an 80% download rate of the employee app. 

  • 1 month campaign for the app's 1st anniversary
  • Reward the 3 sites with the highest growth
  • Incentives at individual level, outreach sports day, ambassador recruitment
  • 18% increase in downloads, 80% download rate and sustained activity
„Colleagues have become much more active (more likes, comments, views increased), many colleagues have become app users again as a result of the prize games.”

Game Changer Special Award winner:

Team of the Year, Role Models of the Year Award (WHC Holding Vagyonkezelő és Tanácsadó Kft.)

The project was the implementation of WHC's new recognition element, the Role Models of the Year and Team of the Year Awards, where it was important to involve employees in both the nomination and decision-making process. The purpose of this project was to improve the company's recognition and feedback culture by creating a recognition system that would reward employees throughout the year, reflect the company's core values, and boost employee engagement.

  • New recognition scheme - Role Models of the Year and Team of the Year Awards
  • Delivered via the app, video series with role models
  • Strengthening a culture of recognition
  • 80% open rate
"As one of our role models put it "This award gives an ordinary person the same level of moral recognition as an Oscar for an actor”

Best Performer Award

In this category, Blue Colibri partners with the most downloads and the highest activity through the app were awarded. 

>200 employees category winner: Faac Hungary Kft.

Industry: Manufacturing

Launch date: January 2022

Number of employees: 70

Download rate: 100%

200-1000 employees category winner: újHÁZ Építőanyag Nagykereskedelmi Zrt.

Industry: Construction

Launch date: January 2023

Number of employees: 848

Download rate: 97%

1000+ employees category winner: Grandvision Hungary Kft.

Industry: Retail

Launch date: September 2020

Number of employees: 1088

Download rate: 100%

Congratulations to the winners and we hope to see you again next year at the Connect Conference!

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