The corporate communications and HR profession celebrates again: Connect III. Official trailer

With more than 120 professional speakers at this year's Connect Conference, we look forward to discussing the latest innovations, challenges, and areas of most concern to us all in the communications and HR profession. And, as in previous years, we'll be bringing you a whole host of innovations. Top experts, top-quality professional content, and fun networking will spice up Connect 2024, which will take place on 11 April this year, just in time for Poetry Day.

The unmissable - featured topics, keynote speakers 

This year, we are focusing prominently on social marketing, as well as the relationship between civil organizations and companies. The topicality of the subject has sharply increased in recent times, and there is plenty to delve into. If you wish to gain deeper insights and explore unconventional approaches to social marketing, then you should attend the presentation titled "Doing Good: Empathy or Necessity? – Social Marketing and CSR" by Fabiola Kopasz, the Strategic Director of Gazair, and Béla Szabó, the Director of Brand and Commercial Communications at Magyar Telekom. Following this, it is worth watching the roundtable discussion titled "If the world is for sale, how do we change it? – Social Issues and Corporate Interactions," featuring four additional CSR and sustainability leaders.

Our returning speaker is Gábor Varga G. (Uniomedia), who will be leading a whole session at Connect this year, and his presentation on The personal branding team game will help you navigate the fantastic and intricate labyrinth of self-branding. This fascinating talk is definitely for you if you want to take your branding to the next level.  

How "tabloid" can internal communication be? - Csaba Azurák will moderate a discussion with Péter Pantl (MOL) and Ádám Szinai (CIB Bank) on the relationship between internal communication and tabloid content. This entertaining panel should be a recipe for all internal content producers - but we'd better just give you a heads-up to come and listen live on the spot! 

To-do list immediately: SME zone on Connect!

With topics specifically for SMEs and more than 30 professional speakers, Connect's mini-conference, SME ZONE by OTP Bank, is all about SMEs and for SMEs! Business insights, financial sustainability in 2024, top SME challenges, what is ESG, digitalization opportunities for SMEs, and many more exciting topics. Our mini-conference will also showcase our key professional partner, Generali's SME Sustainability Call for Proposals. So if you're also excited about an SME-conf in the spirit of business sustainability, look out for the SME ZONE at Connect!

Employee well-being, cross-mentoring, engagement

Best of BeneFit Prize - Best and Most Creative Corporate Benefits - BeneFitPrize comes with an exciting presentation of outstanding and effective corporate practices. "The BeneFit Prize is the first comprehensive competition in Hungary that explores the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of employee well-being, taking into account environmental and social impacts," they say on their website. This year's Connect presentation will also feature the 2023 winners of the prize, so you can pick up some great tips and ideas on employee wellbeing.

Learn about innovative approaches to mentoring at the Cross mentoring - who learn from mentoring inside and outside the company discussion, courtesy of HSUP and NIÜ. The Top Employers team will be in discussion with the HR Director of JYSK in an English-language presentation on the cross-cutting topic of enhancing engagement, Enhancing Engagement: HR Practices in Intercultural Corporate Management

Never-ending professionalism, can it come?

Prohuman, the leading HR service provider in Hungary and our key professional partner will be giving great presentations on several important topics. In addition to the 2024 salary benchmarks, the business value-creation effects of personal branding will also be discussed. 

And finally, we have reached our favorite place, the networking zone, also sponsored by Prohuman at Connect. The networking zone is Connect's key venue, the wonderful HR and marketing "kitchen of our home party" - where the professional chatter gets lively, we chat, get to know each other better, and learn a lot from each other. (Oh, and a little exclusive inside info, but don't tell anyone, or rather, tell everyone! Bye-bye to a bit of fussy networking, this year Connect's key partner Eureka is coming up with a very unique networking game. Join our community and tell your story: the networking zone at Connect is waiting for you! 

We look forward to meeting you! Save the date: April 11, 2024. - Connect in the Eiffel Műhelyház! You’ve gotta be there!

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