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We sat down, we talked! - Internal communication in the spotlight

What was once a bit of a fiddly, cumbersome HR task, which is becoming increasingly important, is finally getting the attention and focus it deserves, in return for super practices and results. Hello, corporate internal communications, it's your time! We've talked to the experts and gathered some great ideas and stories - check it out for yourself!

Today, internal communication has far surpassed its former function of mere outreach and can generate direct positive impact in many areas, from onboarding to engagement to brand building.

At the Blue Colibri roundtable discussion, Eszter Varga-Nagy, Head of Corporate Relations and Communications at Heineken Hungária Zrt, Judit Gál, Head of Marketing and Communications at Eisberg Hungary Kft. and Zsolt Bujáki, Communications Director at Porsche Hungária, demonstrated through practical examples how corporate internal communications have become a great toolbox.

Information flow: don't hoard, plan! 

Communication challenges are everywhere: multiple locations, blue- and white-collar workers, different generations, etc. But how to effectively engage, inform and activate employees? 

How much and how often to share information with employees is also a cardinal question. Today, we are almost constantly flooded with information, quickly becoming overwhelmed and immune - our experts have some good tips on how to plan and organise internal communication.

Exciting topics such as what a classic workplace lift advertisement will be good for in 2023, in the age of digitalisation, or the relationship between the coffee machine and information monitors placed next to checkpoints, and the Swedish road-building system.


On air! - The role of digital content in internal communication

Our guests shared their practical experiences on how digital creative content, podcasts and video can be used to enrich everyday corporate life.  From executive messages to personal introductions, entertainment and educational content, it's worth listening to the best ideas and practices. And speaking of digital internal communication, of course, one of the hottest topics of the moment, AI, was also discussed. 

What else was mentioned...

Hekkinen, Moneken, Heinekenne... - The impact of a fun and bold campaign on internal communications. Eszter Varga-Nagy told how Heineken Hungária extended the fun and memorable 150th anniversary campaign to colleagues. 

Film Assist @Porsche Hungária - How can corporate podcast/video content be entertaining, useful and educational at the same time? Zolt Bujáki explained how such content brings the divisions closer together and why a car ride with the boss on the Hungaroring is a defining experience for both parties. 

Indonesian party song, ready? - Judit Gál shared an inspiring story about how we can help people of different nationalities and cultures get to know each other better in the workplace, despite language barriers, and build truly diverse, inclusive and fun communities.

Watch the full conversation here!

Save-the-date: on 15 November, we will be back with a new programme featuring Csaba Azurák and Ádám Szinai, Head of Marketing and Communications at CIB Bank.

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