Corporate Internal Communications: Effectiveness, Roles, Content and Channels

The pandemic has not only caused widespread disruptions in business operations, but has also had a profound effect on internal communication procedures, with many employees finding it impossible to come into the office and making working from home a necessity. How have companies responded to the shifts in internal corporate communication over the past few years, and what future developments can we anticipate? Podcast interview with Márk Maczelka, Communications Director at SPAR Hungary.

During the course of the conversation, we touch on the idea that effective internal communication is not a “one-man show”, but rather the result of a broad collaboration between teams. Márk Maczelka also presents the internal communication structure at SPAR: although the pandemic hit many players in the labour market unexpectedly, SPAR was already prepared for the work-from-home and internal communication during the crisis, based on a pre-agreed and implemented strategy.

Márk Maczelka talks about how to channel employee needs into decision-making as well. To help with internal communications, employee engagement, and employer branding at the same time, he recommends using a mix of online and offline tools, such as smartphone applications, events, and internal print publications.

(The podcast is only available in Hungarian!)

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