Creating, Measuring, and Improving Employees’ Psychological Safety

If you're having problems in your personal life, it's going to be tough to focus on your work. Research shows that many workers feel nervous, sad and anxious while on the job. It's likely that the pandemic has accelerated these tendencies, and now we find ourselves in the middle of an economic crisis.

Is the psychological well-being of workers becoming increasingly important, and could it be linked to company performance? Is an employer's commitment to its workers' well-being, including their mental health, becoming a deciding factor in the talent pool?

How quickly and what specific factors should be implemented to create a psychologically safe work environment? What KPIs matter when assessing a company's culture?

These are some of the questions we touched on with Dr. Júlia Füredi, organizational psychologist and founder of sparq tech.

In addition to exploring the role of the self-reflective leader in facilitating change, in this podcast we also talk about topics such as expressing emotions at work, being vulnerable, listening to others, and embracing one's own humanity.

(The podcast is only available in Hungarian!)

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You can meet Júlia on 20 April at the Connect Conference!

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