Digital onboarding, mentoring, SME organisational development

A professional with decades of experience as an HR consultant can benefit from setting up a business by consciously developing his or her organisation from the outset, taking into account human resource needs and business objectives.

Join us as we explore the process of starting a business and the challenges that arise in the early days. Should your focus be on HR or business development? Our special guest, Viktoria Takács-Fulai, co-founder and CEO of Blue Colibri App, shares her invaluable insights and personal experiences from the early stages of her entrepreneurial journey.

During our conversation, we also delve into the concept of digital onboarding as a powerful tool for employee retention. Is it the magic bullet businesses need? We discuss the significance of mentoring and talent management specifically for SMEs.

We're thrilled to have Viktoria Takács-Fulai on the show. She not only co-founded Blue Colibri App but also earned the prestigious 2021 Future Manager Award from the Menedzserszövetség.

Tune in to this episode for a wealth of fresh perspectives and inspiration. Let's get started!

(The podcast is only available in Hungarian!)

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