Digital Revolution!

Where do HR aspects come into play in a digital business, in a start-up, and how is it different in a large enterprise?

Is it better to solve the lacking or needed knowledge relying on internal or external resources?

In addition to internal knowledge, is it worth building an external community of subcontractors, is a meetup suitable for this, is an entrepreneurial cooperation, partnership effective in this field?

Is it even necessary to have the help and involvement of external consultants in the development of a digital start-up?

Why does statistical intelligence help a digital investment, and why is one of the most important markers the ability of the development team, the interdependencies of these skills and how conscious is this within the organisation?

Moderated by Dániel Dojcsák, Marketing Director of Shiwaforce, the discussion will be moderated by Orsolya Csetri, Investment Director of OXO Technologies Holding Zrt., Péter Csillag, Chairman of the Board of the Hungarian Business Angel Network, and Dr. Balázs Vinnai, President of the IVSZ Association for the Digital Economy.

(The podcast is only available in Hungarian!)

The panel discussion is available on Connect Magazine's podcast channel, on Google, and on Spotify.

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