Digital solutions for hybrid working

Motion-sensing heat maps, smart office buildings, flexile working, gamification, employee loyalty solutions, collaborative spaces, smart parking in the workplace - these were some of the buzzwords that were discussed during a panel discussion at the Connect Conference.

Hybrid working is now inescapable, which is one of the benefits of the pandemic.

Participating experts talked about hybrid working in the context of office cost optimisation, utilisation rates, smart applications, digital meeting booking, user experience and efficiency.

The discussion will be moderated by Zoltán Kalmár, strategic proptech expert, ProptechZoom. And who he asked: Réka Nagy, chief strategy officer, Invensol Magyarország Kft.; Lipót Nun, head of engineering, SMP Solutions; and Zsolt Somogyi, managing director, PARKL.

(The podcast is only available in Hungarian!)

The podcast is available on, Google and Spotify.

Two articles on this topic are also available, one on KPMG's global research and the other on PWC's research. We have previously written about cultivating human relationships during hybrid working, and you should also listen to our podcast with Tamás Barathi on digital transformation processes and internal organisational communication in times of crisis.

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