Employee Health and Business Efficiency with an Award-Winning Medical App

One of the 'beneficial' effects of the much-maligned pandemic was that businesses started to seek out and adopt digital platforms to support their operations. Hybrid working, meanwhile, became an almost basic employee expectation, to which employers had to respond, and employers have shifted their attention to workers' health. But how should we best react in this digital age? It seems that DokiApp has cracked the case.

The application, which won first place at the HRBest 2021 competition, solved a simple problem for DokiApp's partner. "Our goal when we launched the project was to transform the medical visit habits of both our internal staff and our leased workers, and to minimize the number of face-to-face consultations as much as possible. This would reduce personal and internal exposure to the risk of infection, speed up diagnosis (even prevention) and reduce the 'unnecessary' time spent in waiting rooms. Employees can avoid spending money on private medical care in the hopes of a speedier diagnosis, and they can save time and money by taking fewer sick days for doctor's appointments (which are best used for rest and relaxation)," says DokiApp partner GetWorkTrend Kft. in its HRBest case study.

They also looked at the business and HR gains the app has made for the company. On the one hand, they found,

thanks to digital medical consultations, the number of leave requests has been radically reduced by 80 percent.

On the other hand, they found a definite increase in employee engagement, since, as the case study says, "Our employees claim that the service gave them information that they had not gotten from private medical consultations costing tens of thousands of forints. In this case, we are able to save employees from unnecessary medical expenses, thus keeping our team members healthier and more motivated in the long run".

They add that the biggest role of telemedicine is that it helps to significantly lower the barriers to entry, making services much easier to access, both in terms of time and technology.

We've got a more engaged, healthier workforce, and we're able to move our employees into the digital age, whether they're just starting their careers or nearing retirement

-said Ákos Jáhny, GetWorkTrend's CEO.

People Platform: medical services, sustainability education, transparent donations

DokiApp has also joined forces with Blue Colibri App to launch People Platform, a startup collaboration for caring workplaces that provides a single platform for a variety of innovative technology applications. This way, employees can access multiple types of services that are relevant to them on a single platform, even through a company app downloaded on their smartphones.

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