I mentor, so I am!

Can employer branding or company benefits include a mentoring process? Is mentoring the next level of company culture, and does it also have a role in retaining and retaining staff? And who does the mentoring process help, just the mentee?

Knowledge transfer, knowledge sharing from older, more experienced leaders to newer, younger leaders. Working together is an inspiration for the mentor. It is important to shape cooperation and communication between different generations. Mentoring is a more flexible framework than coaching. And can the mentor be grateful for the feedback he or she receives from the mentee?

These will also be discussed in a panel discussion at the Connect Conference by Andrea Hajós, Economic and Financial Director of TV2 Media Group Zrt., András Berczeli, Managing Director of Sprintform Europe Kft., Ákos Hegedüs, CEO of Linde Gáz Hungary Zrt. and Péter Boros, owner of KÖMI Engineering Ltd.

(The podcast is only available in Hungarian!)

The discussion was moderated by Nikolett Seres, Director of Operations of the National Association of Managers.

The podcast is available on anchor.fm, Google and Spotify.

Before the conference, we published a podcast discussion on this topic, in which a mentor and a mentee talk about working together, sharing many personal experiences and lessons learned. You can listen to the conversation here. And on the topic of executive mentoring, you can read the interview we conducted with Tímea Buday Kollárik, CEO of the National Association of Managers.

The panel discussion was held at the Connect Conference on 20 April 2023.

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