The impact of digital development and AI on the organisation, the employee and work

Much of the post-pandemic change has brought new tools for internal communication, while job roles are expected to become more complex and the ways of working more diverse.

And to boost productivity, we already have AI, skill-based, superjobs and rethinking how organisations work.

You're really missing out here, if you're missing out we could turn the proverbial phrase around the digital transformation of businesses.

People are working in increasingly complex jobs, in increasingly diverse workplaces. Can AI, artificial intelligence, not only contribute to productivity, but also provide mentoring support for new entrants? And is this the time for skillbased and superjobs, and organisational rethinking?

(The podcast is only available in Hungarian!)

The podcast is available on, Google and Spotify.

A conversation with Martin Csépai, Head of HR Consulting at Deloitte Hungary, who in our previous podcast focused on the relationship between digitalisation and HR.

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