Leaders as Content Creators: New Content Types in Internal Communication

Onboarding, HR administration, internal communication channels and content. This is perhaps the sequence of the process when employees start to get to know their workplace, the organization in which they will be working. And if all of this is done well, we can see a satisfied employee who feels comfortable in the workplace, gets all the information they need about the organization, asks questions and is proactive. From there, engagement is just a step forward.

We talked to Csaba Azurák, a communications expert, about the types of content and channels a manager should use to communicate with employees. What to do if a leader isn't naturally comfortable with public speaking? Spoiler: even that is not an issue. However, communication is a must, otherwise unwelcome distractions like rumors will crop up.

(The podcast is only available in Hungarian!)

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You can meet Azurák Csaba on 20 April at the Connect Conference!

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