"Meaningful" leaders and leading content, or successful internal communication

How competitive is the corporate message in the lift and in the toilet for employees compared to digital platforms. What kind of content is worth "producing" for internal communication - professional, industry, entertainment or even drier, corporate information? And should it really operate like a news portal?

These were some of the thoughts expressed at this year's Connect Conference panel discussion with Eszter Júlia Jákó, marketing-communications expert, Dr. Marta Holló, Corporate Communications Director of Magyar Telekom and Zsolt Bujáki, Communications Director of Porsche Hungária.

"We spend 99% of our time in communication situations, yet in many cases we are lacking in how any information gets to us," said Márta Holló, who added that "corporate internal communication has not only become more valued in recent years, but has also become critical".

Within a company, there are several common denominators (several themes, topics, covering well-defined employee target groups) on issues that affect employees, and they need to be helped with these, whether it's health, mental health issues or even industrial information, advised Eszter Júlia Jákó, a marketing communications expert.

At the same time, as Zsolt Bujáki put it, "you shouldn't spam employees with content, you need to establish a rhythm of content". According to Porsche Hungária's communications director, it is therefore recommended that "those responsible for the area should set up the first times, after the first content has been released, by analysing the feedback".

You can listen to the full conversation moderated by Csaba Azurák, communications expert, in the Connect Magazine Podcast Extra block.

(The podcast is only available in Hungarian!)

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