Meaningful collaboration: HR and Communication, allies or competitors?

"Information is trampling us" - said Gábor Varga G., Content and PA Director of Uniomedia, in the introduction of the Content section of the Connect Conference.

But who is in charge of this process, who is the "content owner" in a company's internal communication, the HR or the internal communication department?

The first step in the collaboration between HR and internal communication is to understand where the boundaries are, and this process is really a joint evolution.

HR and internal communication, collaboration models, examples, expert tips.

In the Connect Conference panel discussion moderated by marketing and communications expert Judit Gál, Balázs Varró, Marketing and Communications Director of Prohuman, Ádám Szinai, Marketing and Communications Manager of CIB Bank and László Kurucz, Communications Manager of Aeroplex of Central Europe gave their thoughts.

It was also mentioned in the discussion that for larger organisations, it is worth defining who will be the "content owner". Of course, it is typically HR in the first instance, but the effective definition of channels and content is more the responsibility of internal communications. It was generally agreed among participants that internal communication is not under HR, but that it works well when they work side by side, and that HR is one of the biggest "suppliers" of internal communication.

In addition to these, the discussion also touched on how to motivate other departments to send content for internal communication, the importance of "chemistry" between HR and internal communication, and even the fact that it is a "life partnership" with all its beauty and struggles.

(The podcast is only available in Hungarian!)

We have previously written about the issue here on Connect Magazine.

The discussion was held at the Connect Conference on 20 April 2023. 

The podcast is available on, Google and Spotify.

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