„One rhythm, one company” – Managing Change Within the Walls of a Theatre

The projects of the Hungarian State Opera House, although it is obvious from its name that we are talking about a public institution, can compete with any large company. In recent times, it is also clear that they have been carrying out serious internal communication and organizational culture development. What are the reasons for this, what tools and techniques have been used and what results have been achieved?

The OPERA has recently introduced an HR-digitalization and internal communication platform to support the change processes triggered by events such as the pandemic, which has strongly affected the arts and performing arts sector, or the inauguration of the new Opera House building.

The OperaTutti app is now an integral part of internal organizational processes, effectively supporting the daily lives of employees and managers working in multiple locations and often on different schedules.

Dr. Zsófi Kovács, Head of Legal and Human Resources at the Hungarian State Opera House, also discusses how to launch and operate innovation in an organization that will be 140 years old next year and is also built on tradition.

(The podcast is only available in Hungarian!)

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