Startup Alliance for More Caring Workplaces

An unprecedented collaboration was formed between Hungarian startups that have joined forces for more caring Hungarian workplaces. The initiative was launched by Blue Colibri App and DokiApp, who recognized that employers and employees alike are facing increasingly difficult situations due to the current economic uncertainties. This makes it increasingly important for companies to provide supportive work environments—and to do this in a variety of ways across sectors.

Blue Colibri has opened up its platform to other innovative technology companies that, similar to them, target companies and employees.Together, they offer an even more complex solution on a platform called"People Platform"—from flexible wage access, instant medical video advice, and sustainability awareness to transparent donations. This way, employees can use a single company application, which can even be downloaded to their phones, to access the wide range of services available to them.

The collaboration is implemented with the participation of the following teams:

Blue Colibri App

An employee platform that already supports the daily lives of 86,000 employees in more than 100 companies in communication, administration, training, onboarding, and community building.


DokiApp is a residential and corporate telemedicine platform. It provides its users with instant medical video consultations, riskassessments, psychological and dietetic appointment booking systems, and a knowledge repository. The DokiApp Employee Care Program for companies can reduce absenteeism by up to 80% and provide a healthy work environment.


GreenSense helps companies and their employees integrate environmental awareness into their daily practices through its sustainability programs. In doing so, they not only contribute to the development of workplace communities, but also motivate companies to set an example for their partners and competitors.


Their development allows workers to draw their wages according to their needs instead of the usual monthly salary. The team's vision is to modernize the digital financial ecosystem with customized products based on payroll data using proprietary ERP and banking integration solutions.


On the one hand, Sharity is a digital technology for transparent and commission-free donations that connects donors with good causes and the organizations that represent them. On the other hand, it is a pioneering digital impact marketing tool with its development of video donation options.


The five collaborating startups have different profiles, backgrounds, and market penetration, but they share a common goal: to create a corporate climate with innovative technology solutions where employees feel well-informed, safe, healthy, and aware as members of an inclusive community, while also having the opportunity to be informed and active on important issues such as social and environmental responsibility.


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