Breaking down stereotypes together: what is a male leader like today?

Male strength in management: should male leaders always be strong and can they embrace their insecurities? These were some of the questions discussed at the Connect Conference panel discussion.

Failure, mistake, weakness, uncertainty, self-identity, cooperation, immediacy, perfectionism, listening and availability: these were the terms used mainly by the male leaders interviewed.

But what is the most difficult thing to do as a male leader? And do men always have to be confident, can they even admit to being insecure about something? How do men deal with breakdowns?

Typically, there is no difference between male and female leaders, male leaders claimed, and they also agreed that the expectation of "I have to be perfect" affects both sexes.

They expressed their thoughts to the moderator Zsuzsi Steigerwald, organisational developer at ValueTeam: Kornél Németh, Managing Director of Rossmann Hungary Ltd; Tamás Szegedi, Head of Learning Experince CoE at Telekom Hungary; and Balázs Szabó, Deputy CEO of CIB Bank.

(The podcast is only available in Hungarian!)

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