Why Should You Still Invest in Digitization in a Recession?

In addition to looking at ESG and social responsibility and social impact, a professional financial investor will now also be monitoring a company's digital development potential and its quality-conscious HR activities.

Péter Oszkó talked about the fact that in a time of crisis, the risk of making the wrong decisions is much higher, and therefore investments that are most effective in helping the business to operate should be prioritized. “Digitization is one such investment, which is no longer a luxury," said the investor, who stressed that high-quality internal corporate communication, staff training and motivation, corporate culture and sales customer relations can be easily and cost-effectively improved through digitization, which is worthwhile even in the most difficult business environment.

The conversation also reveals that Peter Oszkó believes HR can be digitized, which has been proven by the pandemic.

(The podcast is only available in Hungarian!)

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