2024 Spring Training Sessions

Training 1: March 8 and March 22
Training 2:  May 10 and May 24
The training consists of two sessions, the dates of the training cannot be combined, so if you choose the first training session, the March dates are relevant.

Professional Training for Corporate Internal Communication Professionals

Welcome to Connect Academy!

If you've ever been curious about corporate internal communication or if you're already a confident professional looking to take your skills to the next level, you're in the right place. This year, the Blue Colibri team, comprised of the country's top experts, is launching a training program aimed at imparting knowledge that will empower anyone to supercharge their company with a forward-thinking and innovative internal communication strategy. Our experienced instructors have curated the curriculum with hands-on workshops, real case studies, and immediately applicable knowledge.

Who is this course for?

HR professionals

Marketing professionals

Internal communication specialists

This course will be beneficial for anyone involved in creating internal communication materials or responsible for them, including those who are new to the field of internal communication and those who generally have limited experience in professional communication.

What skills will you gain from participating in the training?

Internal communication strategist

Strategic thinking is essential in internal communication. Our training participants will be able to align communication goals with organizational objectives and learn how to create content that achieves these goals and generates impact.

Establishing an internal editorial team

In today's world of overwhelming communication noise, we must compete for our employees' attention and adapt to changing content consumption habits. This requires a new mindset and roles, and we're here to help you prepare.

Engaging leaders and employees

Internal communication plays a role and holds responsibilities for leaders, middle managers, and employees alike. We'll show you how and what you can do to involve them in being committed to creating and consuming internal content.



Csaba Azurák
Communication Specialist
I worked for four years at the Hungarian Radio in the programmes Krónika and 16 Hour, and then for almost 20 years at TV2. First as a reporter-editor, later as editor-in-chief, presenter and news director. I have edited and hosted debates with prime ministerial candidates, reportage programmes, morning magazine programmes, news programmes and evening public affairs talk shows. I was the Communications and Marketing Director of Budapest Honvéd FC. I have been preparing businessmen and top executives for public appearances for 15 years. Currently, I work as a communications strategy consultant and hold communication trainings and motivational lectures.
Tamás Barathi
Co-Founder & CEO
Blue Colibri
An event organiser, a banker, an entrepreneur, a startupper. Previously I worked in brand marketing and event communications, the last 10 years have been spent in HR communications. During this time I have been involved in developing employer branding and recruitment campaigns for many medium and large companies, shooting hundreds of videos, providing communications support for the recruitment of thousands of new employees. In 2019, I co-founded Blue Colibri, with the aim of providing HR and communications teams with a flexible framework to directly reach, inform and educate their employees.
Zsuzsanna Szvetelszky
Corporate Communications Expert
She has been working as a social researcher and consultant for more than two decades on the hidden communication of companies and informal networks of organisations. As a social psychologist and network researcher, she explores and interprets the modern phenomena of social networks, corporate gossip and value transmission in national and international projects. She is a well-known and often top honoured speaker at professional conferences, and a frequent commentator and sought-after expert in electronic and print media.
Brigitta Fenyvesi
Head of Project Management
Blue Colibri
As a consultant in the predecessor of our company, I had the opportunity to play an active role in the organisational development processes of several companies, and since the foundation of Blue Colibri I have been able to help nearly 130 partners to digitalise their internal processes and improve their internal communication. With my team, we have built a knowledge base of good practices gathered over 5 years that can help all HR and internal communication professionals to address their challenges and help to engage colleagues.




Connect Academy training participants will receive a free Connect Conference ticket!


EARLY BIRD (BEFORE 21 February) 292,900 HUF + VAT




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