Rumor Has It: Gossiping and Internal Communications

"Supposedly, or so I've heard, there's no smoke without..."

There has always been, is and will always be gossip: this form of information sharing is present, almost permanently, within every organization. Although its effects can be harmful, it also serves a number of important functions.

Is there any point in dealing with rumors at all? If so, how can it be identified, what benefits does it provide, and most importantly, how can it be used to improve internal communication and the growth of the organization? 

According to Zsuzsanna Szvetelszky, social psychologist and corporate communications specialist, with the spread of digitalization affecting internal company processes, rumors are also gaining ground.

However, the expert believes that gossip is not harmful in itself, only the bad intention behind it, and that it can be an important part of internal communication if it is detected and used well.

The discussion also reveals, among other things, the effects of a leader's unexpected appearance in the kitchen, and whether women or men are more likely to engage in or excel at gossip.

(The podcast is only available in Hungarian!)

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