2024 Internal Communications Content Calendar

What kind of content, when, and how should you share in your internal communication in 2024? What sort of engagement activities can you pair with your content? To help internal communications specialists and content managers with their planning, we've created a free-to-download internal communications content calendar.

The calendar is designed to serve as a comprehensive system to support content planning throughout the year. For each quarter and each month within it, it contains a variety of ideas on professional and more informal topics to enliven the day-to-day life of your organization. These can be supplemented with your own organizational events and content sharing plans to create a comprehensive annual content plan. You can also keep track of the tasks, responsibilities, and deadlines associated with these in the task manager tables, found below each monthly calendar view.

The contents of the downloadable calendar:

  • Instructions for use
  • January-December monthly view calendars
  • Content ideas
  • Task manager tables

How to use it:

1. Browse the January-December monthly view calendars and choose from content ideas. These are divided into 4 categories in total, each marked in a different color:  

  • Bank holidays
  • Extra holidays
  • Awareness days
  • Funny, interesting days

2. Then add the following to the monthly calendars:

  • the usual public holidays (think also of the national holidays of your colleagues),
  • public holidays,
  • organizational events (e.g. birthday, annual team-building),
  • permanent columns (weekly, monthly, quarterly content),

and indicate the planned days/periods of communication related to them.

During implementation, use the task manager table below the monthly calendar to ensure you don't forget to create and publish any of your content. We wish you an efficient yearly planning!

Download the 2024 Internal Communications Content Calendar: