How to Involve Frontline Employees in Internal Corporate Communication

Juggling multiple, less-than-efficient communication methods and channels, difficulties in reaching non-desk workers, and figuring out how to instantly inform a dispersed workforce are all challenges we often see with our clients before they decide to transform their internal communication.

GrandVision had it all when it came to complex challenges: multi-site operations, blue- and white-collar employees, warehouse staff, ophthalmologists, and store managers. However, they successfully implemented a new system and managed to include their colleagues from multiple locations and positions in the internal communications of the company. 

In this case study we explore:

  • The key internal communication challenges of the company, including multiple unofficial (and inefficient) communication channels, 
  • The solution and its introduction,
  • Results and achievements, like shutting down an outdated intranet

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Download the case study: