Benefit, half health?!

"Health = work capacity = productivity" - this is how Dr. Anna Toldy summed up the key message of the panel discussion.

Today, unity and cooperation between workers, employers and service providers are increasingly being addressed in the workplace.

At the Connect Conference 2023 panel discussion on 20 April, topics such as more occupational health services than before, the benefits of the online space, full and regular screening in companies, less sick leave, the disadvantages of teleworking, and the health situation of older workers were among the topics discussed. In addition, participants argued in favour of the use of the online space to provide valid and rapid health answers and advice to workers.

And it has emerged that there is now a greater demand for compulsory occupational health services from both workers and employers, mainly funded by employers.

Participants of the panel discussion are Dr. Éva Junger, Head of Outpatient Care at Dr. Rose Private Hospital, Dr. Dávid Bessenyei, Medical Director of DokiApp and Róbert Lancz, Founder and CEO of Doktor24 Zrt. The moderator was Dr. Anna Toldy, Founder and CEO of Work for Humans.

(The podcast is only available in Hungarian!)

The podcast is available on, Google and Spotify.

The issue of employee health and business efficiency is the subject of a previously published article, which you can read here. And on employee psychological safety, we offer our podcast discussion with Juli Füredi, which you can listen to here.

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